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Women in the real estate market: know the characteristics of brokers

According to IBGE data, just over half of the Brazilian population (52%) is made up of women. However, this majority was never reflected in the labor market. For some time now, the scenario has started to change. It is already possible to see many women in the real estate market acting as brokers and even leaders of associations.

In fact, female sensitivity helps a lot throughout the sales process. In general, brokers know the right time to make the proposal to the client. Not to mention that, by nature, women are more easily communicated. But not only that. Check out the panorama of women in the real estate market below.

Advancement of women in real estate

Can you imagine that, until the year 1958, only men could work as real estate agents? This year, a decision by the Court of Justice changed article 7 of the Brazilian Commercial Code, which made it possible for women to enter the real estate market.

However, the change was gradual. To get an idea, the female presence represented only 8% of real estate agents in Brazil. The big breakthrough came in the last decade, along with the real estate boom that the country has experienced. Currently, according to data from the Federal Council of Realtors (COFECI), women represent 33% of all professionals working in Brazil.

higher education

This you should already know. To be a broker, you must have one of these courses: Real Estate Transaction Technician, Superior Course in Technology in Real Estate Business or Superior Course in Management in Real Estate Business.

These are just basic training, but it is essential to start working in the real estate market. With women, the prerequisites are the same. And speaking of higher education, it is possible to see women standing out.

Data from the National Institute of Educational Studies and Research Anise Teixeira (Inept) indicate that in the last year of the decade, they were responsible for 3.4 million enrollments in higher education, against 2.7 million men.

Characteristics of women in the real estate market: brokers

Female sensitivity helps a lot in sales. Women stand out in the market as they are better at resolving conflicts. Added to this, its multitasking and communicative characteristics facilitate a dynamic environment, full of competitors.

When dealing with such different customer profiles, they quickly identify the characteristics of each customer to adapt well in any situation. This makes customers more receptive, which streamlines the entire real estate transaction process.

Use technology in the real estate market

Here, we cannot fail to emphasize that technology plays a fundamental role in the life of brokers and brokers. In this sense, professionals cannot give up a real estate platform.

The vile Imo tool, for example, offers numerous resources to help boost your real estate sales. First, it is possible to build a real estate website quickly, as there are already ready-made templates for you to use.

To reach more potential customers, how about spreading your ads across major social networks and real estate portals? Again, vile tang has the solution for you: the tools of social integration and portal integration.

Characteristics of women in the real estate market: buyers

Here, we cannot forget that, as women gain more space in the labor market, they also gain decision-making power in the purchase of real estate in the family. In fact, the survey by the North American real estate agency Prudential Real Estate shows that 34% of married women are responsible for searching for real estate.

Unlike men, women prioritize finishing details and the state of conservation of the property. Property characteristics such as size, number of rooms and value are secondary issues.

Women don’t mind talking to many people and making countless visits until they find a property that makes them feel comfortable. Thinking about the features and practicalities of the house, they do not see spacious rooms or backyards as positive differentials.


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