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What the novice realtor should do

The real estate market is an extremely competitive environment. At the same time, it provides good opportunities, even for the beginning realtor. As a matter of fact, those who are taking their first steps in their career have good reasons to be excited.

With the economic recovery in Brazil, for example, new ventures do not stop appearing, especially in big cities. According to the Construction Union (Sandison-SP), the city of São Paulo should register an increase of 5% in sales and 10% in launches, compared to 2016.

Therefore, it is always necessary to have qualified professionals interested in working in the field of property sales and leasing. And when you have talent and willpower, there’s no reason not to invest.

Still, a budding realtor doesn’t survive in the area relying on his potential alone. He needs to prepare himself technically and calibrate his skills. And to help those who are interested, here are some important tips to build career success. Check out:

Invest in your knowledge

It is essential for any realtor to be registered with CRECI (Regional Council of Real Estate Brokers). This process is important to legalize your performance in the field and transmit security to your customer.

To obtain registration with CRECI, it is necessary to have training in the area through specific courses, such as the Real Estate Transaction Technician. However, the course alone is not enough. There is always something new in the real estate market. Therefore, keeping up to date is a reason for survival in the sector: participate in events, lectures and fairs and be sure to read books on the subject.

Plan your personal marketing

A beginning realtor also needs to be recognized by the market. And there’s nothing like investing in personal marketing to achieve this goal. First of all, keep your appearance impeccable to make a good impression, convey trust and empathy.

When participating in category events, always have a business card at hand. This is a great opportunity to promote your work. Finally, adopt a safe posture and be very careful with your vocabulary. These criteria count points in an interview with real estate companies and developers, for example.

Use the internet and social media

Advertising is the lifeblood of the real estate business and many people interested in buying a property search the internet first. It’s an inevitable trend that the novice realtor cannot pass up. The first step is to build a real estate website. In it, in addition to disclosing your property portfolio, you can tell a little about your professional trajectory.

However, the website is not enough. You need to reach a lot more people. Which services are the most accessed by Brazilian users? Whoever spoke on social networks was right. So, be sure to create relevant content in them. And, of course, advertise your real estate ads on these platforms a lot.

In order not to waste too much time in this process, use the social integration tool. Generally speaking, she exports her real estate portfolio to the main social networks: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Not to mention that it is possible to do the same for WhatsApp.

Be an ethical and considerate professional

Valuing ethical behavior should make a difference for a novice realtor not only in interacting with their clients, but in living with their professional colleagues as well. Therefore, always be clear in all important information about your negotiations and transparent with your attitudes.

The job of a realtor involves high-value property and the dream of several families to have a home of their own. It is not by chance that care is not enough. Another gesture that guarantees points in your favor is attention. Listen more to your customer and speak only what is necessary.

With this type of posture and a well-made interaction, there is no doubt that you can retain your customer and build a good image. Who knows, maybe you can paint some directions up front?

Chat with experienced brokers

Of course, in the new venture, you should find a friendly colleague who is willing to share good advice and suggestions. When that opportunity arises, grab it. It’s not often that a potential competitor ends up presenting himself as a generous partner. These conversations, even, can yield a partnership in business.

The job of a realtor requires investment of time, money, a lot of effort, sales and marketing strategies. With so much responsibility, you need to organize yourself well. To do this, use a real estate platform. The vile Imo tool, for example, allows you to create real estate websites, publish your ads on portals and social networks, in addition to recording all your customer information in a complete real estate CRM.

Following these tips will go a long way!


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