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[Video] Realtor: See 5 Ideas to Bring Hot Leads to Real Estate

Which broker doesn’t want to bring hot leads to real estate? To achieve this goal, the best way is to bet big on digital channels. After all, it’s very difficult to find people who don’t go online to look for real estate, right?

Given this scenario, the work of the broker to be found became more complex amidst so much competition online. Therefore, generating hot leads for real estate is indispensable. Overall, it’s about building a solid base of people with the potential to do business with you.

Of course, we don’t want you to abandon sales shifts, new unit launches and other more traditional tactics. However, it is necessary to invest in new strategies.

With you in mind, vile Imo selected 5 ideas to bring leads to real estate. Check out:

1) Being on social media and talking to your audience

Social networks are not just a tool for interaction between friends. They also serve to do (good) business. With them, it is possible to publicize your work, strengthen the relationship with your target audience and, in addition, generate leads.

In them, potential customers gain power. That’s because communication on social media is a double-track route. Therefore, be available and respond quickly to users who want to ask questions, make suggestions and request new content.

Also, take the opportunity to advertise your properties on the main social networks using the social integration tool. In a few clicks, your ads are on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, among other platforms.

2) Create targeted campaigns on Facebook: by interest and location

In the middle of this year, Facebook celebrated the milestone of 2 billion registered users on the platform. Of this total, 117 million are Brazilian. This means that 56% of the population is daily connected to this social network.

Certainly, most of these people represent part of your potential customers, who are looking for a property in a very nice neighborhood that you have in your wallet.

To reach them right away, you need to invest in sponsored ads. Facebook Ads allows you to target advertising so that you reach a certain audience.

For example, you can select that your post only reaches men aged 35 to 45, who live in the Piranga neighborhood in São Paulo and are interested in single life. This will help increase content relevancy, generate engagement and, most importantly, bring hot leads to the real estate agency.

3) Distribute free materials

Relevant, quality content builds loyalty. So, distribute what you can about your business. One suggestion is to produce an eBook about the benefits of living in a compact apartment. Make videos talking about the best restaurants near the property you are promoting. Post infographics on social networks, blog or website, explaining the new financing conditions of the largest banks in the country.

You are giving out qualified information for free. Therefore, it is worth asking users for something in return. How about their contacts, like email and phone? So, in addition to having their contacts, you already know that they are interested in the properties in your portfolio. In other words, you are close to starting a negotiation more assertively.

4) Automate your digital marketing

In the midst of so many digital marketing activities, how can you handle it all? Remember that you still need to attend visits, capture properties and make a contract. Therefore, the ideal is to automate your marketing.

To not waste time creating a landing page, for example, you can use the vile Target tool. Without paying anything for it, you create landing pages in a short time, using just the drag-and-drop function. It’s very convenient and fast!

After bringing numerous hot leads to the real estate, you are able to segment your entire contact base with vile Target. As a bonus, the marketing automation tool triggers email campaigns.

5) Use WhatsApp professionally

According to IBGE, the cell phone has consolidated itself as the main means of access to the internet in Brazil, with 46 million people connected. Added to that, WhatsApp is the most downloaded app on Google Play.

Knowing that most users use WhatsApp, having the cell phone number of a potential customer is like a treasure map to be explored. Most people don’t even put down their cell phones to sleep. So, interacting with your audience via cell phone is one more way to advertise your properties.

The WhatsApp lets you send videos, photos, audio at any time of day. Use a single number to contact those interested in real estate.

Be respectful and ask if you can add him to your network of contacts and let him know that he will send you relevant content about news, promotions, etc. Have a professional attitude and do not use slang to make the client feel like an online real estate consultancy.

It is also worth remembering that vile Imo’s social integration tool allows you to send real estate ads via WhatsApp. Take advantage of this feature to speed up the sales process.



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