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[Video] How can I prevent them from buying directly from the owner after they have been attended to?

Every realtor is subject to a situation that can even put his commission earnings at risk. Have you thought about talking to the client, showing the property to him, clearing all doubts and, after all the effort, he closes a deal directly with the owner? Boring, right?

Well, some clients end up doing this because they don’t understand the importance of a broker’s work. They may also find that they make a profit if they make a trade, the value of which does not include the commission that would be given to the broker.

However, there are several ways to demonstrate that there are more risks than advantages in closing deals directly with the owner. In this text, we’ll show you how true this is, while giving you some tips to make sure a deal starts and ends with you. So, as your deserved commission.

Dealing directly with the owner can be unsafe

Customers who purchase a property without the intermediation of a broker are more likely to close a deal that is not secure. In other words, it ends up being passed over.

The risks range from buying a house or apartment above the correct price to buying a property in terrible condition. The situation gets worse when there are problems in the negotiation, which invalidate the purchase. All these issues would certainly be avoided with the presence of a broker.

Anyway, buying a property directly from the owner is not recommended. After all, it is an investment of a lifetime. Don’t let your customer lose everything. And only negotiation brokered by a professional registered with the Regional Council of Realtors (CRECI) can bring due security.

Property with debts

Buying a property directly from the owner can also bring another type of risk. The customer can purchase a house full of debt. It has information that only a duly authorized broker can collect to pass on to the client. For example, the property may have its IPTU overdue or, if it is an apartment, the condominium may be in debt.

In the end, the person who buys a property in these conditions can end up acquiring a big loss, just because they did not want to pay for qualified advice. It is the famous cheap that is expensive.

understand documentation

The presence of a realtor during a purchase process is also important because it brings convenience. After all, a lay person would hardly be able to take care of all the documentation and understand the bureaucratic process. We are talking about several certificates requested at the registry to certify the owner’s name and that he has no debts.

We are also talking about the IPTU or condominium debt certificate, in addition to the negative certificate of social security and labor debts, which concerns the construction company of a property with less than five years. Hardly, the person would be able to know all this, negotiating directly with the owner. These are important issues that avoid headaches in the future.

In fact, it is so important, you must show that you have this knowledge on your real estate website. Remember to sell your fish very well in all service channels, huh!

The Customer’s Social Relationship Cycle

Finally, a service performed with security and attention can prevent the customer from ending up leaving the broker aside. You may be doing everything right, but rest assured that you are doing the best. A tip for this is that you are in the Customer’s Social Relationship Cycle. Thus, you can establish an affinity with him to keep the business under stronger ties.

To do this, update your real estate CRM to find out which stage of the business each customer is at. And be sure to get in touch through the customer’s preferred channels, such as WhatsApp, social networks, email marketing, among others.


Still have questions about the subject?

Watch the video below and see how unsafe trading with the owner can be.

Visit declaration

Even if you are doing the best job possible, use the property visit declaration. It is a document with legal validity that serves to support the broker in receiving the due commissions. There it also says that the client cannot close with other professionals or directly with the owner, since you have invested time to carry out the service.

In fact, vile Imo offers a ready-to-use property visit declaration generator. Just update stakeholder names and dates. Be cautious, invest in the quality of your service and do everything possible to preserve your deserved commission and respect for your work.



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