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Remember that the realtor must maintain frequent contact with their clients, even those who have already closed a deal? This strengthens the relationship, giving the professional an advantage over the great competition. Within this context, email marketing for brokers plays a fundamental role.

With this tool, you can send the main trends in the real estate market and provide useful information that educate your target audience. In addition to informing, sending email marketing makes you present yourself as a reference in the subject.

If it weren’t useful, the tool wouldn’t be used by virtually all large companies in various industries. In fact, according to a study by data analysis company Castor, a company is more likely to close a deal through email marketing than through actions carried out on social networks, for example.

Therefore, email marketing for brokers cannot be left out of your strategy. Below, we highlight some tips for using this powerful tool effectively:

Don’t buy contact lists

Sending email marketing conveys greater credibility to the consumer and allows you to have a more direct contact with your audience, as it conveys the idea of ​​an exclusive conversation between you. For this to be true, you should only send your messages to people who have authorized to receive your emails.

So, a very important tip: NEVER buy contact lists. In addition to being illegal, forwarding your email marketing campaigns to a number of unknown people has a very negative effect. Recipients will feel invaded and their reputation could fall to the ground. it’s an investment that doesn’t pay off. Not to mention that many of them may not even be thinking about buying a property, right?

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how many emails you have registered in your real estate CRM, what really matters is the quality. If everyone is interested in buying a property, it is worth focusing your energy on them.

Create a landing page to capture emails

By creating a landing page, you can convert the traffic generated on your website into hot leads. For example, you can design a custom entry page for launching a collection of properties in a particular neighborhood.

Most likely, people who enter your landing page are interested in knowing these properties. So, take the opportunity to include a registration button for visitors to fill in their contact details. Then you can start using email marketing to start a conversation with these new people.

Relevant content in messages

Let’s face it: email marketing for brokers only works if you send relevant content. If you send messages that add nothing to customers, they will soon stop opening your emails.

For starters, make a catchy headline that makes people want to open your email. It is recommended here that it has a maximum of 60 characters.

Ahead, don’t disappoint the user by showing content below what the title promises. For example, sending an offer for just one property with a half-mouth pool with the subject “Ample leisure space for the whole family”.

About content: You need to be a teacher and consultant to your client. In practice, your emails should answer questions and inform you about the real estate market. Write objectively, with interesting, current and original content.

Use a proper shipping frequency

Don’t forget to plan your campaigns. The sending frequency is very important for the result. Your strategy should be as follows: 20% information related to sales and 80% about the real estate market, such as decorating tips, safety, best neighborhoods to live, etc. Ideally, send content once or twice a week.

Balance the use of text images in messages

Email is not a telegram. So be dynamic and don’t waste time. Several visual elements can make your email marketing even more attractive. This does not mean that you should pollute the message with too many images.

On the contrary. Having too many images or even just images cause the main email servers to block your messages. The ideal is to balance the use of images and text in your pieces.

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It is true that email marketing for brokers is very important, but you cannot waste all day on this task. There are many other activities you should pay attention to. How about, then, automate the email marketing sending process?

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