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[Video] CRM Mobiliary vile Imo: how to sell more with this tool!

When someone is interested in renting or buying a property, offering the unit that best suits their interests is critical. The characteristics of the residence are decisive for the business to be carried out or not. However, an important detail can compromise every negotiation: service. And it is here that CRM Mobiliary vile Imo assumes a fundamental role.

For a realtor, every customer should be seen as a potential sale. Therefore, it is necessary to dedicate themselves to the utmost to provide adequate and quality service. In the midst of so many tasks, it may seem difficult to fulfill this obligation. But CRM Real Estate can facilitate many steps in this process.

Acronym in English for Customer Relationship Management (Customer Relationship Management), CRM offers several tools that organize and control the relationship with your customer. Thus, you are able to preserve the entire service history and customer information to draw more accurate strategies.

Here, we are going to detail the main functions of CRM Mobiliary vile Imo that help the broker to achieve excellence in service. Check out:

Crossing Real Estate and Client Profiles

From the very first contact, the realtor needs to collect as much information as possible from clients. So, you already have an idea of ​​which properties in your portfolio to offer. However, this work of crossing data between available properties and what the client wants can be quite complicated. This is where CRM Mobiliary vile Imo works like a hand on the wheel.

Based on the information provided about the customer, the system selects properties that fit their needs and preferences. Not to mention that you can group potential customers by common interests, if you want to carry out a sales strategy for some property in your catalog.

Intelligent and Proactive System

In addition, CRM Mobiliary also offers the possibility of informing the stage of the negotiation in which you are with a certain customer. In this case, it is very important to keep an up-to-date history of each service. So, you can schedule visits, schedule your follow ups, extract reports and solicit feedback from your customers.

Here, it is worth remembering that you can access CRM Mobiliary vile Imo from any device. So, if you’re on the street heading for a visit, just check the customer’s data on your smartphone. That simple.

Owner deserves attention

And you also need to be accountable to the property owner. After all, he needs to know what are the chances of selling the property he has left in the care of his real estate agency. With CRM Mobiliary vile Imo , this rendering of accounts can be done directly by your administrative panel.

One of the functions of CRM is to keep all contact options, such as email and phone, in the same system. This makes it easy to carry out all the necessary contact that can be made, for example, by sending emails.

Pay attention to customer satisfaction

After closing the deal, your job is over, right? Wrong. Keeping in touch with the customer in the after-sales is essential to know the degree of satisfaction with the property and its service. And in the same way that CRM can help you in contacting the owner, it can also facilitate post-sales contact.

Knowing the degree of customer satisfaction can help improve your service. In fact, being considerate can contribute to word-of-mouth advertising. Maybe the customer doesn’t refer you to friends and family? With that in mind, you can still send emails with tips for everyday use. Finally, let the customer know that you are attentive to their satisfaction.

CRM Real Estate vile Imo generates the Declaration of Visit

It doesn’t hurt to stress the importance of requesting the client’s signature on the Declaration of Visit. This document is important to ensure that the broker receives the appropriate commissions. It prevents, for example, the customer from closing deals directly with the owner.

Through CRM Mobiliary vile Imo, in addition to checking the history of visits made by the client, it is possible to generate the Declaration of Visit to the property. Then, just update with the correct property and customer data.



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