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Tips for getting more referrals in the real estate market

Which professional does not want to receive referrals in the real estate market? Even more knowing that, according to the National Federation of Realtors (Funaki), there are 350,000 realtors in Brazil. This represents an advance of 23% in the last four years.

In the midst of so much competition, getting referrals in the real estate market has become very important. Besides there are many people working with real estate negotiation, it is possible to find thousands of real estate listings on the internet. Typing “property for sale” into Google, for example, generates more than 300,000 results.

As much as the techniques of digital marketing and SEO are indispensable nowadays, it cannot be expected that all your sales are limited to the customer finding you on the internet.

Importance of indications in the real estate market

The American business consulting firm McKinsey & Company has already hit the nail on the head: word-of-mouth advertising is decisive for up to 50% of all purchase decisions. When the product or service is expensive and still needs specific information given by a specialized professional, its influence is even greater.

Not to mention that a referred customer has a lower acquisition cost and much more potential for retention and loyalty. With this type of audience, there will be no need to invest in marketing or outreach to attract them. But make no mistake, maintaining it is far more challenging.

Know how to sell yourself

Although the internet is not the only way for the customer to find you, it is very important to create a relationship to the point of making a user refer you to a friend. It’s critical that the customer finds you, but more than that, you need to take the opportunity to control their first impression of you.

For this, work your brand. Have an organized real estate website that can introduce you to the visitor. Telling your story and informing your services in an attractive way earns you many points and can turn your business into a reference for people.

There is no professional like you

Don’t be the average broker. No one is remembered for doing more or less work. In this sense, during the real estate visit , go beyond showing the rooms. Pass other relevant information to interested parties, such as giving news about the region of the property.

In addition, treat customer issues as unique and offer practical solutions. Be helpful and be on top of all the details, whether it’s negotiating a sale or lease or moving around the neighborhood.

Engage with the customer

Maintaining a close relationship with the customer is not an easy task, but an extremely important one. Exchanging messages frequently and responding promptly to all queries is one way.

But that doesn’t mean you should be the sticky broker. As there are different types of customers, your experience and critical sense should work to assess how to approach each one of them and, thus, outline a relationship strategy.

The quality of service matters a lot

Winning the trust of a client to the point of receiving referrals in the real estate market depends a lot on the satisfaction provided and the quality of your service. To do this, you need to treat anyone who walks into your real estate as a potential customer. Just think that if he doesn’t sign the contract, it doesn’t mean he can’t recommend you.

The initial service can be decisive in closing a deal. Giving attention and assistance to the customer after the contract is closed is also your duty. Generating satisfaction is an ongoing job and requires commitment and effort.

To offer personalized service over time, be sure to update your real estate CRM with all your customer information. This way, you know what is the most compatible property to offer, as well as knowing the right approach.

In short, receiving referrals in the real estate market requires some virtues, such as knowing how to listen, having strategic thinking and remaining available. This improves your reputation, which provides you with being remembered in a way that is beneficial to your business.


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