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Tip – Negotiation Training: negotiation, sales and closing

We at vile Imo blog have a super training tip for you! Check out the training details below and boost your real estate sales.

THE GOAL IS SIMPLE: Make You Break All Your Sales Records. A training aimed at everyone who wants to become top-tier negotiators, selling at the same level as the best in the world and closing a volume of deals that you never imagined.

Get ready! This is QB NEGOTIATION! Seen by thousands of sellers, brokers and leaders and approved by companies such as FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, LINKEDIN, ODEBRECHT, SECOVI-SP, PICCADILLY and AMBEV.

What is this training different from the others?

Negotiation: Zero Self-Help. No emotional songs, balloons or videos for you and your team to cry. The content is pure technique, science and innovative tools unknown by most sellers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Sales: Impossible Sales Reach even in unstable markets. A true brain reprogramming (CHIP CHIP) for salespeople, leaders and entrepreneurs to exterminate limiting beliefs and react positively when faced with difficult goals, customers and decisions.

Closing: (RTS) Real Time Simulation | Exclusive method developed by Fabricio Medeiros during his studies at Harvard University. 80% of the time hands-on. No examples from the enchanted world of Disney. Simulations, cases and open debates with the visceral reality of the market.

Everything You and Your Team Will Gain With Negotiation Training

Individual Development Plan, Act Fast in Stress and Pressure Situations, Plan B, Anchorage and Reserve Price, Negotiation in Details, Accelerated Closing, Objections, Advanced Persuasion, Lie Detector, Technology, Secret Revealed.

Studies show that for every $100 invested in quality training you can have a return of up to $400. The least risky bet is still investing in YOU.

Do you and your team know how to face these CHALLENGES and earn more MONEY? 80% of TRAINING is dedicated to solving these issues because it is based on real simulations, cases, exercises and business games. Everyone actively participates, no one sleeps, the animal catches, everyone gets their hands dirty!


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