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See how to use the SPIN Selling technique for real estate sales

Have you ever heard of SPIN Selling? It is a sales technique internationally known for its efficiency in the market. And you, the realtor, can use SPIN Selling to sell real estate.

That’s because this method helps to build a good relationship with the customer, which is one of the fundamental requirements to ensure the conclusion of a deal. After all, no one is going to spend a lifetime’s savings to buy a property with someone they don’t know, right?

Using this technique, it is possible to anticipate, reveal the buyer’s real need and show him that you have the solution for what he needs. See below how to use SPIN Selling to sell real estate.

What is SPIN Selling

SPIN Selling is a four-step technique:

  • Situation
  • Problem
  • Implication
  • Necessity

Each aims to achieve a goal through questions that are asked by the broker. Between a question and another, the customer feels welcomed, attended to and notices how attentive and willing you are to offer the best product.

Step by step and its purposes

The beginning of everything is in trying to identify the Customer’s Situation. To trace this scenario, your survey should revolve around the tastes, facilities, strengths and weaknesses, and other characteristics of your future buyer’s current neighborhood.

Then you go to Problem identification. At this stage, your questions should focus on everything that should be avoided so as not to upset the customer or generate any type of conflict in the sale. Also check concerns such as the amount of the financing, possible increase in the family, offer of commerce in the neighborhood or any dissatisfaction of the partner, if applicable.

Next, you need to know what the Implications are, that is, the impact of these problems on the buyer’s and family’s routine. Help him to be aware of these issues so he wants to get rid of them. From there, you can start thinking about making the first offer.

By the way, be sure to consult your Real Estate CRM to make a cross between customer information and properties in your portfolio. By making this consultation and the SPIN Selling step-by-step, the property offered will appear “tailor-made” to meet the Client’s Needs.

Attention to the sales cycle

In the real estate market, the sale is rarely closed in a short period of time, especially because it involves high values. This long sales cycle makes the process more complex and this time must be respected, even with the use of the SPIN Selling technique for real estate sales.

In other words, try not to be too eager to close a deal just to hit your goal for the month. Otherwise, you risk burning a potential customer.

Practice SPIN Selling for real estate sales

It is not very difficult to understand the dynamics of SPIN Selling. Even so, it is advisable for the broker to practice before using the technique in trades. Enlist the help of co-workers and act out real situations, especially imagining what objections might arise.

Creating a guide with basic questions is also good for you to better manage the time you spend on them.

Other Tips for Success

It is important not to get lost or skip the steps of SPIN Selling for real estate sales. Ask at least one question for each step. The implication phase is the one that requires special dedication, because in it you must have mastery of the situation to offer the solution to the problem.

Maintaining an investigative stance is also very important, but be sure to be a listener. With time and a lot of practice, you can master the technique and put it into practice as naturally as possible. Worth trying.

Good sales!



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