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Realtor’s Day: Congratulations to all professionals

Today is the Realtor’s Day. The date was not chosen at random. On August 27, 1962, Law No. 4,116 was enacted, which regulated the profession of real estate broker in Brazil. It also gave rise to the Federal Council and the Regional Councils of Realtors (CRECI).

It is true that the law was revoked and, later, replaced by Decree No. 6,530, but August 27th continued (and continues to be) special for realtors. And the date deserves to be celebrated, after all, we are talking about the professionals who facilitate the purchase of real estate which, in most cases, is a dream come true.

And it is not just on the Realtor’s Day that professionals should celebrate. Each stage conquers, each deal closed is reason to celebrate. That’s because only the realtor knows what he had to work hard to make a sale: take pictures of the rooms, advertise on the internet, build a relationship with the client and so on.

An Open-Door Profession

A point that stands out in the realtor market is that it has its doors open for any type of professional. It is not difficult to find people who have given up their careers to make more money as a realtor.

Anyway, from lawyers to physical education teachers, there is room for everyone.

How to start a realtor career

To become a realtor, you must complete one of the following courses: Real Estate Science, Real Estate Management or Real Estate Transition Technician. In the middle of the course, you must have experience in the market.

Finally, you can only effectively practice as a real estate broker after registering with CRECI.

Although competitive, there is still room for more realtors

According to the Cofeci-Creci System, there are approximately 300 thousand realtors spread throughout Brazil. As much of it is concentrated in urban centers, such as São Paulo, the deficit in the sector is not negligible: 150 thousand professionals, according to the National Federation of Real Estate Brokers.

Technology can be the realtor’s best ally

Let’s agree, it’s no use having CRECI registration and a good education if you don’t adapt to the new market behavior. Spending the entire day on the phone and handing out flyers is no longer as efficient as it was years ago.

Here, it is important that you are where your audience is, that is: on the internet. Therefore, be sure to build a real estate website or advertise your properties on social networks and portals. To organize your customers’ information, count on the help of a real estate CRM.

Celebrate Realtor’s Day!

In addition to congratulating, you on the Realtor’s Day, the entire vile Imo team wishes you success in your professional journey. In fact, we really want to be part of it.


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