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Put the full address on the real estate ad: yes, or no?

You’ve probably already wondered whether or not to put the full address on the real estate listing. Many believe that this hinders the negotiation.

For the broker, the full address can attract competition and, worse, cause the buyer to deal directly with the owner. From a homeowner’s point of view, he may feel insecure about displaying the full address in the property listing.

But can these obstacles not be circumvented? with a good service from the broker?

Bet on a job well done

According to Viv areal, full address real estate ads receive 83% more contacts compared to single ads. In addition, half of the advertisers already publish the full address.

As for the problem of direct negotiation with the owner or with the competition invading your negotiation, it can be resolved with a closer relationship with your customers.

Transmitting trust in the first contact can make the property owner understand that you are the best broker to take care of the negotiation. Who knows, it paints a real estate exclusivity?

Full address is part of property description

A great ad should convey as much information as possible. It should be enough for interested parties to draw the first conclusions. And, of course, this demands the full address on the real estate ad.

A complete address is just as important as the value of the condominium, the size of the property or the number of bedrooms. It is essential information that makes the user go after or discard your offer.

Full address in real estate ad improves search positioning

Anyone looking for a property is not looking for any development. For these people, location matters a lot. They may be looking for a place close to family or work.

Therefore, internet searches generally focus on specific neighborhoods. By filling in the full address, you make your real estate ad stand out in the search results.

Oh, and in addition to just writing the full address, try to mention aspects that guarantee the safety and mobility of your customers, such as subways and nearby bus stops, supermarkets, pharmacies and malls in the region.

Users can use mobile geolocation

Complementing the tip above, it is important to keep in mind that more than 60% of people look for property by cell phone. Technology has advanced so much that a simple smartphone activates the search mode through geolocation. In this way, it is possible for the client to know what facilities he will have when buying a property in that region. All this is only possible with a full address in the real estate listing.

Spread your real estate ads across multiple channels

After inserting photos, videos and a complete description (including the property addresses), it’s time to publicize your ads. They need to reach the right audience to have a positive effect.

Therefore, when using the social integration tool, which publishes your ads on the main social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WhatsApp), try to segment your audience. Thus, your posts will only impact those who really


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