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Landing page for realtors. What is it for and how to use them?

If you get the e-mail address of a real estate person in the first contact, it can be said that you have already made a profit: it is easy to find him to send a message. In the online world, one way to gain the contact details of a user who has entered your real estate website is to build a landing page for realtors.

In free translation, landing page means landing page or conversion page. In it, you need to offer something to the visitor (it could be good content) so that he, in turn, provides his personal data.

The more people accessing your landing page, the larger your contact list will be. The trend, therefore, is that you are more likely to sell a property. That’s why it’s critical that you promote your landing page to realtors in various online channels. By using vile Imo’s social integration tool , you publish your landing page on the main social networks at once.

Anyway, have you noticed how important this tool is? So, find out below how it can be used in your daily life:

In practice…

Every page on your real estate website can become a landing page. It needs to be attractive, informative and pleasant so that the customer spends as much time on it and leaves the necessary data so that you can contact them in the future.

Ideally, your landing page should contain offers that attract the customer to the point of making them leave their contacts, such as email, mobile number and so on.

What types and segments of landing page can I create?

In the video above you will see what types of landing pages can be created. There are pages for realtors, real estate and various other segments. On these pages, the professional or company can either capture contact data, known (capture pages), or advertise a product or service. Creation is very fast and doesn’t need technical knowledge.

Watch the video and see the variety of designs that can be created. You adapt elements to your business segment and boost your product or service sales.

How to Create a Landing Page for Realtors

Here, you can turn to vile Target, the first free marketing automation platform. In a short time, you can register for free. Next, you can create custom fields to register your leads.

It is a very intuitive tool and 100% in Portuguese, that is, you will have no difficulty in performing these tasks. Enjoy and create your account at vile Target and start now to create your landing pages and make your marketing automation for brokers .

Landing page for realtors on sales

Another interesting point about landing pages is that you can segment them according to the buyer’s objective. For example, someone who wants to buy an apartment accesses a different landing page than someone who wants to buy a house.

After all, there’s nothing more frustrating to access a page that promises one thing and offers another, right? So, if you advertise a landing page to someone who wants to buy a house, your page should contain only house listings! Understood right?

Attention to offers

Looking for new contacts, the realtor develops landing pages with offers for apartments and houses. Here, it is essential to pay attention to some points. First, use quality photos and related property information. Dark, low-resolution images drive the user away immediately, even before they enter their data.

In descriptions, try to be clear and objective. Therefore, highlight property characteristics such as number of bedrooms, typology, number of spaces, square meters, price and if financing is accepted.

Another important detail: users don’t like to fill out long forms. Therefore, do not request the completion of a maximum of five data fields. In addition to name and e-mail, try to extract the following information: client’s objective is purchase or lease; if he wants to negotiate a house or apartment and what is his region of interest.

Next step

The broker learns that he has done everything correctly, when the contacts of interested parties begin to arrive. Then you can move on to the next step: establishing contact.

Before contacting us, consult your real estate CRM. In it, there must be customer information, as well as the progress of the negotiation. The vile Imo tool also crosses customer data with real estate data. So, you can offer the right product to the right person.

In short, the landing page for realtors should be part of your marketing strategy. After all, it helps to enrich your network of contacts and, as a result, increases your chances of closing deals.

Good sales!


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