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Keep your team of realtors motivated!

One of the biggest challenges for real estate owners is keeping their team of realtors motivated. Working in the real estate market requires attention to many details, such as sales targets, attention to the customer, bureaucratic processes, the evolution of competitions and new developments in the sector. In the midst of all this, there may be a reason that ends up affecting the motivation of one or more people on your team.

It is necessary to be aware of this possibility. Such demotivation can happen for some external reason or for some internal reason, that arose inside your real estate. Whatever the reason, identifying it and knowing how to handle it is essential.

To help you, let’s mention some factors that may discourage your real estate agents and what can be done to overcome this possible crisis.

What can lead to demotivation?

A very recurrent cause that can demotivate a professional is the lack of a relationship with the real estate agency – in the case of self-employed persons. A good manager or leader needs to guarantee a minimum of stability so that his employee feels safe to work and does not fear any market instability in less favorable times for sales.

Unrealistic goals can also hurt your broker’s performance. He needs to be sure he can meet the set goals. And at that point, your manager can help by setting a goal that matches your selling style.

There are cases where a specific broker may find it more difficult to close deals. In that case, he cannot feel abandoned. To resolve this issue, have a conversation with him to try to find a solution. The sooner these problems are resolved, the better. And knowing your professionals well helps a lot.

Positively encourage your professionals

We’ve already talked about setting unrealistic sales goals isn’t a good way to get your team of realtors motivated. Quite the opposite. Working under a lot of pressure doesn’t help at all. Therefore, it is not worth propagating fear to achieve results.

Create a friendlier and more comfortable environment that makes all brokers strive for the pleasure of closing their sales. They need this lighter climate to overcome the pressure and stress of routine.

Offer an opportunity for professional advancement

When the professional is able to see new opportunities for growth in their work, they are unlikely to be discouraged. As many brokers are self-employed, offer benefits and opportunities for him to grow in the business and not want to leave your team. Create a career plan or use a success story to help you in this evolution process with your real estate company. Surely, you end up getting some gain from it too.

Establish Challenges and Reward Systems

In the short term, you can also create a reward system. It’s a great tactic to keep your team of realtors motivated. In addition, try to make your professionals feel challenged to overcome their own marks, as well as those of their peers. All this in the healthiest way possible. No creating impossible goals, as professionals can give up immediately.

As much as the goals are down to earth, you cannot fail to monitor the performance of your brokers on a day-to-day basis. To do so, use the Real Estate Management Software. In it, you can follow the calls, sales and capture of each broker. Not to mention features that help manage your real estate’s cash.

Be an inspiring example

A very effective form of motivation is for you to be an inspiring example for your employees. This tip will even motivate you personally as a leader. Setting an example is practical evidence that goals can be achieved and how best to achieve them.

This method can also build credibility for your leadership. And to maintain and disseminate this vision, try to act ethically and coherently with the values ​​of the real estate market and the broker profession. Make your team’s brokers the committed professional you work to be. Finally, be sure to praise when the opportunity arises.

You can’t let your sales be affected by a boring climate inside the real estate agency. It’s also a matter of making the mood better for you. With a motivated team, concerns should not go beyond what is really necessary.


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