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How the partnership between vile Imo and Viv areal helps brokers sell more

When a giant real estate portal and one of the biggest real estate platforms come together, the result can only be positive for realtors. The partnership between vile Imo and Viv areal can help professionals to further boost their sales.

Anyone who is a customer of vile Imo already knows that all real estate listings registered on our platform can be shared with other websites, including Viv areal. So, you don’t have the need to do the process again. Just use the portal integration tool. Remembering that there are paid and free portals.

Now, the partnership has become even more solid. That’s because Viv areal customers still get special discounts to subscribe to vile Imo plans. Keep following this text and understand why the partnership between vile Imo and Viv areal can help brokers sell more:

Viv areal Portal in numbers

It is simply the largest real estate portal in the country. The company arrived in Brazil in 2009 and, in less than eight years, has already become the biggest reference in the country when it comes to online real estate advertising. In all, the group has 16 offices spread across the main Brazilian cities.

With the mission to help people find the house of their dreams, Portal Viv areal advertises more than 5 million properties in a thousand cities. Among so many options, it is not surprising that the site receives more than 18 million monthly visits.

For those who want to advertise real estate, Portal Viv areal is a full plate, isn’t it?

vile Imo Platform: resources for brokers and real estate agents

We do not get tired of saying that the realtor must use technology as a great ally. That’s why we offer numerous resources that help professionals and real estate companies stand out in the online world and also in direct customer service.

With our platform, you can:

    • Build a real estate website quickly and easily. That’s because we have exclusive templates for real estate. Thus, it is possible to present your services and advertise properties to many people. Not to mention that having a webpage helps you capture more hot leads for your customer base.
    • Consult all the information of your customers in real estate CRM. The tool also crosses customer data with real estate data so that you can offer the right product to the right person.
    • Answer customer queries instantly, thanks to the broker chat system. Always being available to customers is a way to win them over during the sales process.
    • Publicize your properties in different channels through social integration and the integration of portals. Thus, you reach a number of interested people through Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Portal Viv areal, among others.

vile mob in numbers

In the market for over 9 years, vile Imo knows exactly what brokers and real estate agents need to succeed. No wonder that there are already more than 2,700 professionals using and approving our platform. Take a free quiz and draw your own conclusions.

More details of the partnership between vile Imo and Viv areal

As you noticed, both companies offer a number of advantages for those working in the real estate market.

Now, customers who use the paid plan of Portal Viv areal and who do not yet use integration software, get 20% discount on vile Imo monthly fees . In addition to optimizing time, since you do not need to register properties more than once, the user has all the other functionalities of our tool at their disposal.

Take advantage of this partnership and sell more!


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