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How creativity in real estate can help your business

In the midst of an increasingly saturated market, it is necessary to innovate to differentiate. So, it’s time to put creativity into real estate into practice. Starting with the way to promote your products and services.

Here, the internet can be a great ally. As well as offering several tools for brokers and real estate agents to promote their products and services, it also transforms the way customers look for a property to buy or rent.

The question then arises: what must be done to differentiate itself from the competition and attract more attention from those who are looking for a property? The answer, in fact, is not an easy one; it requires creativity. But if you don’t know how creativity in real estate can help your business, follow the tips below:

innovative marketing

There’s no way to sell if you don’t advertise. Based on this rule, which everyone already knows, you can try to apply it through innovative marketing.

One way is to offer relevant content and actions that should help bring your brand closer to the customer interested in relocating. In summary, more than presenting the product itself, highlight the benefits it will bring to the customer.

In addition to disseminating this relevant content on your real estate website, it is important to spread it on social media. In this sense, count on a social integration tool to optimize your working time.

Closer and more personal relationship

While presence on social networks speeds up the approach and puts you first when searching, a relationship maintained beyond the virtual world tends to strengthen ties and build trust. Therefore, whenever possible, create opportunities to meet your potential customers in person.

We are not talking about visiting a decorated apartment; This is a thing of the past. Organize events, open house, meetings and pleasant moments to talk face to face. Your real estate company can invite its clients to participate in actions that inform about home care, give tips on home economics and even offer insurance brokers.

Here, it is important to select the types of clients for each event. Typically, an open house takes place in luxury homes. Therefore, check your real estate CRM which customers fit this profile.

This approach can even yield partnerships with other companies to supply products that help tenants with day-to-day problems. Who said that creativity in real estate needs to be restricted to the online world?

Creativity in the real estate market in alternative media

As we talked about above, it’s possible to be creative off the internet. How about impacting people who are on the move on the streets? No, we are not talking about handing out flyers at traffic lights.

Here, you can do like Brookfield Incorporators. To publicize its undertakings, the company has stickered the floor plan of an apartment in a subway car. In this, passengers could see themselves living in the property.

Who also invested in alternative media was incorporated Rossi? Bakeries located near the new development distributed around 30 thousand sacks of bread, which announced the characteristics of the apartments.

An award always goes well

And who doesn’t like to win an award? The real estate agency needs to have the resources to resort to this strategy, but a good reward always goes down well. One of the options is to give away a television set or furniture for the new home among buyers. If it is a luxury home, a brand-new car can be an alternative.

On the other hand, you can partner with a group purchasing portal and offer a generous discount for first-time purchasers. Many real estate marketing experts claim that alternatives like these can even triple the speed of sale.

Encouraging creativity in the real estate market

If you’re a real estate owner, it’s also worth investing in creativity. How about a healthy competition among brokers for them to create themed videos aimed at dissemination on the web? Here, you can bet on relaxed videos that really catch the public’s attention.

The best videos in the contest take a good cash prize and are used for promotion. After all, a team that works united and motivated produces more.

clear objective

Taking the attitude of being innovative can be a big challenge. In other words, you cannot repress yourself. The risk of the strategy going wrong exists, but it will hardly be worse than doing nothing to stand out in the market and running the risk of seeing other brands better than yours.

To reduce the chances of mistakes, have clear goals and know where you want to go. Also write down your ideas and, if possible, bring your team together to join efforts together in a nice and efficient strategy. Brainstorming sessions are an excellent way to practice innovation in any type of business. Make the most of it.

With creativity in the real estate market, you can stand out to the point of becoming a reference in the sector. In this way, you build a bold image, with an impactful, credible and humanized position.

Who wouldn’t want to have their work recognized that way? If you’d like, it’s better to start planning soon and get creative in the real estate market!



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