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How can broker marketing automation software help me?

Basically, a marketing automation software for a broker helps the trader to leverage his actions on the internet. More than that, the broker buys time to focus on other activities, such as conducting a real estate visit.

Remember that, nowadays, investing in marketing strategies is essential, even more when your success depends A LOT on the relationship with the customer. To do this, you must capture leads and send quality content to them frequently. Not to mention, of course, keeping a real estate website up to date.

It’s a lot, isn’t it? Therefore, there is a need to rely on the help of a marketing automation software for a broker. By leaving a large part of the process in the hands of technology, the professional can dedicate himself only to the best parts: direct contact with the interested customer and the sale.

And don’t be scared: doing this is easier than you think. Follow this text that explains everything correctly, step by step.

The starting point is to create an eBook

After years working in the real estate market, you have already gone through several situations. Take advantage of this experience to write an eBook giving tips for buying a property. Certainly, anyone looking for their first home should be interested in their new material.

Designing a landing page

With the eBook ready, you need to create a landing page (or capture page) to publicize it and, to top it off, capture new leads. Here, to download the material, the visitor needs to register some personal information, such as name, telephone and email.

Don’t know how to create a landing page? Nonsense. With the vile Target tool, creating a capture page became a very simple task. Thanks to the drag-and-drop feature, you can quickly insert images, videos and text, as well as custom registration fields.

Boost fundraising with dissemination on social networks

One suggestion to boost the efficiency of your landing page is to post it on your Facebook page. Create a creative campaign or invest in an ad through Facebook Ads.

In addition to impacting even more people, you can target your driven posts to the right audience. This factor is also a determining factor in winning over customers likely to close a deal.

Sending email marketing

Capturing leads is just part of a great marketing strategy. It doesn’t hurt to reinforce that the broker needs to build a consistent relationship with their customers. Enter the email marketing feature.

Thus, you forward content according to each customer’s purchase moment. Once again, broker marketing automation software is needed. The vile target , for example, offers resources for you to perform this task automatically and on a scheduled basis.

First, you segment all your contacts based on a few criteria: time of purchase, interest in compact apartments, and so on. Then, you create different content for each audience and schedule it to be sent through the tool. Simple and practical!

Marketing automation for broker? Meet vile Target

Broker marketing automation helps you initiate a relationship and then engage the customer by getting them familiar with your brand and its purpose. This entire process can be done by vile Target in an intuitive way.

Don’t waste any more time and register now!


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