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Have a realtor chat system built into your platform

Don’t you see the importance of having a realtor chat system built into your website? So, follow this text and review its concepts.

First of all, it is important to highlight that brokers and real estate agencies started to invest heavily in promoting their products and services in several online channels in recent years: real estate portals, social networks and on the real estate website itself. That’s great, but it’s only part of the professionals’ job.

Afterwards, after attracting the attention of several interested parties, the realtor must be ready to serve them, that is, clear any doubts and provide more information. And it’s all easier if it has a realtor chat system built into its platform.

After all, if the customer is already on the real estate website, he doesn’t want to pick up his cell phone to call or open a new browser window to send an email. It’s best to open up the realtor chat on the site right away and ask the question right away.

In fact, according to a survey by software company Zendesk, 92% of users prefer to chat with companies and service providers through an online chat. Let’s face it, it’s much better than filling out forms or sending e-mails and waiting a few hours to get an answer, right?

Have you ever realized the importance of having a chat tool for realtors on your website? You don’t need advanced programming language knowledge to perform this integration. Just hire the services of the vile mob platform.

See, below, the features and advantages that vile mob’s realtor chat tool provides for you:

Personalized service

As you already do on WhatsApp, you can insert your name and photo on your profile. This makes your service much more personalized and human. The user on the other side of the screen is not under the impression that he is talking to a robot.

Sending files within the chat to realtor

If a user shows interest in a property, it is possible to send more photos of the property’s rooms, as well as documents and other files. This greatly speeds up your service! The customer can also pass files through the chat for you, such as a photo of the ID, if necessary.

Service outside office hours

People often search for properties on the internet outside office hours. In practice, this means that there is no online attendant to answer users’ questions. In order not to leave customers unanswered, you have a few options.

First of all, it’s critical that you keep your online/offline status activated. In this, if it is outside business hours, the user already knows that he will not receive an immediate response. And the customer even has the possibility to send a form with some important information. Then, when you go online again, you already know how to approach that customer.

Finally, it is possible to create pre-made messages. So, in addition to streamlining service, you don’t let users talk to themselves when you’re offline.

Audible and visual alert

Even if you are online, you do many other activities besides answering the realtor chat. You’re probably creating a new ad, reading a property contract, or replying to an email.

Anyway, in the midst of so much activity, you might not notice when a message arrives for you in the chat. That’s why the vile mob tool makes an audible and visual alert for you to view the message and respond immediately.

chat history

Nothing more annoying for a customer to have to say again everything he said last week. In this sense, it is essential to consult the chat history so as not to ask repeated questions and continue the service where it left off before.

And now, can you see how a realtor chat can make a difference in your work? With faster and more personalized service, the trend is for you to increase your sales!


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