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Find out what it takes to export real estate to OLX

The internet is a paradise for real estate advertising. There is no shortage of targeted search portals to advertise your products. Optimizing your efforts to maximize your ad exposure will help you close the deal faster. In this sense, how about exporting properties to OLX, one of the largest buying and selling sites in the world.

As a matter of fact, whoever is a client of vile Imo can do this easily, in addition to other advantages than day-to-day management. Today, more specifically, we are going to talk about features to increase the visibility of your ads, showing the possibility of exporting properties to OLX.

be where your customer is

We always say this, but it never hurts to repeat it again. The realtor who doesn’t invest in online tools is likely not to survive in the market for long. The consumer journey has changed a lot in recent years, mainly due to internet penetration in Brazil.

The 11th edition of the 2015 TIC Household Survey revealed that more than 100 million Brazilians access the internet. Many people use the network for the most diverse functions, including looking for real estate. So, the more your ads pop in front of them, the better. And since not everyone uses the same site, it’s good to diversify.

OLX: everyone has something to let go

With this slogan, the company attracts buyers and advertisers. Competition is heavy, but so is demand. Present in Brazil since 2010, a team of 500 professionals run offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Do you want another reason to export properties to OLX? With over 1 million ads for buying, selling or renting property, the portal is one of the first places a buyer will look for property. So, it makes a lot of sense to be present at OLX as well.

save time

How many properties do you have in your portfolio? There must be many, of course. Imagine that you have 100 properties and need to register each of them on OLX and on different portals. What a job, no?

Less for those who use the vile Imo portal integration tool. With just three clicks, you start exporting properties to OLX and other major portals such as Viv areal and Zap. This saves you a lot of time and, in addition, increases the visibility of your ads.

each monkey on its branch

Although OLX is free for many occasions, advertising properties (and cars) on the platform requires contracting a Premium Account. To do so, you need to fill out a short form on OLX’s official website.

But the procedure is very worthwhile. That’s because the platform hosts real estate ads from users across the country and the world, divided into various categories. Are they:

    • sales of houses and apartments;
    • rental of houses and apartments;
    • Land, sites and farms;
    • Rooms and shops;
    • Releases;
    • Season

Organized and segmented, it facilitates the user’s search. Convenience is the watchword in times of the digital age. That already counts for a lot of points.

In addition to exporting properties to OLX

Once you already use the vile Imo platform to export properties to OLX more quickly, take the opportunity to use other features. For example, you can use the social integration tool to spread your ads on various social networks.

In order to provide the most personalized service possible, try to concentrate all of your customer’s information in our real estate CRM. In it, you consult the preferences of each person and follow the status of the negotiation.

Anyway, bet your chips on the features of vile Imo and good sales!


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