Falling: property values ​​fall for the seventh month in a row

A good realtor is always aware of changes in the market to be able to train. This includes observing industry trends, acquiring new knowledge and, of course, keeping an eye on the evolution of property values.

By the way, the FipeZap Index is already up to date with the previous month’s data. And history repeats itself for the seventh consecutive month: the average value of properties for sale dropped 0.07%. In the year, the fall is 0.26%.

As the survey analyzes the advertised price of properties for sale in 20 cities, it is clear that in some locations the drop was even greater. On the other hand, there were municipalities that had an increase in real estate prices.

Check out the cities that show the greatest drop in property values: 

Property Value in Fortaleza

The capital of Cearra was the one that most saw the value of real estate fall. Or drop by 0.82% in September alone. In the year, the indentation is already 3.77%.

Even in this downturn scenario, Fortaleza remains the most expensive northeastern city in the country in relation to the real estate market. The average price per square meter is R$6,009.

Value of real estate in Rio de Janeiro

After years of advancement, the wonderful city has suffered from falls in property values. With a reduction of 0.57% in September and 3.40% in the year to date, the average price per square meter is R$9,918. Despite this, Rio de Janeiro remains the most expensive city to buy a property.

Property Value in Niteroi

Close to Rio de Janeiro, Niteroi also felt the decline in property prices: 0.23% in September and 2.82% in the year. Overall, the city is the fourth most expensive in the country, behind Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Distrito Federal.

Value of properties in the Federal District

In the Federal District, there was also a reduction in property prices in September: 0.12%. In the accumulated result for the year, the indentation reaches 2.15%. In third place among the most expensive cities in Brazil, Distrito Federal has an average price per square meter of R$ 8,287. 

How to take advantage of falling property values

This is good news for anyone looking to buy their own home. And why not, for brokers too? Although the commission amount is more modest, you can compensate by selling more properties.

So, check out your real estate CRM and identify customers you’ve talked to for a long time, but haven’t closed a deal because of the price. Let them know that values ​​have fallen again and that they should seize the moment before prices rise again.

Take advantage of other features of vile Imo , such as the social integration tool to spread the word on social media. Thus, you impact other people who are not registered yet.


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