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Facebook Leads and Chat Clinic Method with Roberta DeLuna and Franklin Delusion

The vile Target Platform (Marketing Automation software from the company volvox) is pleased and honored to support this event, which aims to bring qualifications to realtors. Let’s talk a little bit about the Workshop for you below. Keep up!

Facebook Leads

Learn in practice how to create Facebook campaigns with high converting power quickly and effectively. How to create a real targeted audience. What is the right path to follow in Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Market?

Professional Online Service

Sales via online chat change the scenario of the real estate market. Digital marketing and its resources are a great ally of all sectors of the economy to leverage business, but a segment in particular, the purchase, lease and sale of real estate, has been making the most of what the internet can offer to hook customers in the Digital world.

The boom in the real estate market in recent years has led companies in the field to rely on online digital resources to attract and retain customers. And in this entire process, the online broker has a primary role: that of converting leads into sales through chats, emails and text messaging applications.

Chat Clinic – The 7 Fundamental Steps

Learn the 7 fundamental steps of the “Chat Clinic Method” to apply to online attendance via chat, email and text messaging applications such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snap Chat, Telegram, among other commonly used applications.

Find out how to deliver the face-to-face service with security and assertiveness, make an appointment and actually attend! The 7 fundamental steps of the “Chat Clinic Method” will make a difference during your dialogue with the lead, the correct behavior that you need to apply to retain the lead.

We know the online lead hides true information; in this professional online service workshop you will learn how to get true data and much more. Don’t miss it, we’re waiting for you!


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