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Don’ts in real estate listings

When a person searches for real estate on the internet, he expects to find information that will solve his doubts immediately. In practice, this means that incomplete property listings are dropped by users right away.

On the contrary, if the ad gathers the most varied data, the customer can be convinced to pay a visit. In other words, creating real estate ads is one of the most critical tasks for the realtor.

For this reason, there are things that the professional cannot do in online property listings. If you want to know what these things are, follow this text and avoid losing business opportunities because of a slip.

Save on photos or make poor quality images

The first opportunity that the broker has to get the customer’s attention is the image. The prospective buyer or tenant, of course, should spend a good deal of time looking at and reviewing each of them. That’s why putting a few photos in your property listings can leave you disappointed. And remember: they should be of good quality.

Did you know that the number of photos is part of the algorithm of real estate portals and search pages? Which means it’s not good to skimp on photos. It’s not just a matter of satisfying an interested customer, it’s also a matter of being found by them during their search. Having more than 15 photos is a very good number.

Enjoy and invest even in videos. Make clear images, highlight the qualities of each room and avoid any type of editing or including watermarks. They can make viewing difficult.

have a very simple description

Writing in the description “For more information, contact the broker” might seem like a good idea, doesn’t it? The professional thinks that the client is really going to contact him. However, there is nothing to guarantee that this will happen.

Let’s be honest: it’s much more efficient, for you and the customer, to bring information in the best way possible. No games or stalling. Informing only the size of the property and the region where it is located is also not enough. Go further and highlight the property’s qualities.

A good description also helps to improve your real estate website’s position in the search rankings of portals such as Google. Another function is to delight the customer. To get attention, explore features such as airy, spacious and cozy. And put the descriptions in threads to help with reading.

Use an unattractive title

As for the title, as simple as it may seem, the broker must choose it carefully. It can also help you to be found faster on search engines.

So, think about how the client does a research and choose the most obvious: property type, with number of bedrooms and location neighborhood. If you want your ad to be found quickly, I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Do not publicize your property listings

While having a full description and a compelling title helps your site’s placement in Google results, it’s possible to impact many more people by running your ads across other channels. Here, we are talking about social networks and real estate portals.

In order not to waste time publishing one by one, you can resort to vile Imo solutions. For example, the social integration tool posts your real estate listings on all of your top social media profiles. Not to mention the possibility of sharing them via WhatsApp.

The same happens with the portal integration tool. All of your ads will be available on the biggest sites in the category, including OLX.

Leave loose information

At some point, the broker may be tempted to avoid information that generates some rejection. An example is omitting the rules of a condominium, such as the building does not accept animals or that the pay TV plan is already predetermined to all unit owners.

It’s better to make it clear in principle. Imagine that the client discovers this after a period of negotiation… it will look bad for you, right? Therefore, do not lie or omit any information.

Always guarantee a transparent advertisement, from the neighborhood rules to the real distance of services from the neighborhood, passing through the total value of the property. That’s right! This includes, by the way, the property tax on the house or the condominium of the apartment.

Not updating property listing information

Until your ad is found by a buyer, this may take some time. Meanwhile, are you leaving it there on your website, forgotten, without any updates? A serious mistake.

You must pay attention to this detail, because if the property’s value goes up, you need to update the ad. If the ad does not receive contact, update the text and refresh the images. Finally, if the property is sold, take the ad off the air quickly.

The good performance of your campaign requires the use of good tips and also constant modifications so that the results appear.

Among so many things you can’t do, the last and most important thing is to stop getting your hands dirty. Go ahead and good business!


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