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Do you think apps threaten the real estate profession?

In the future, the real estate profession will no longer exist. CALM! You don’t have to believe all the hunches you read out there. At the end of the last millennium, everyone believed that, today, flying cars would be traveling around, but that is not what we see.

As much as many people think, in fact, that apps threaten the real estate profession, there are those who don’t decree the death of this career. It is clear that professionals who sit idly by and do not train themselves will not have a long life in the real estate market.

It is necessary to provide benefits to customers, such as personalized service. This also includes quick answers and a variety of real estate options. Finally, it’s worth keeping an eye on the main apps and understanding how they work.

Property App puts the real estate profession at risk?

Available for Android and iOS, the App do Inmove is known as the Tinder of real estate sales. Basically, the owner makes a short description and inserts photos of his property. Then, those interested in the purchase like it. This starts a direct negotiation between owner and buyer.

As there is no real estate agent present, the person interested in acquiring the property is free to pay the professional’s commission. In other words, the value of real estate becomes more attractive.

Disadvantages of the Property App

If, on the one hand, prices fall without a brokerage fee, on the other hand, trading without a professional in the field can bring problems – lots of problems! Starting with legal certainty.

Without proper documentation, a real estate transaction can go down the drain. There is the possibility of the buyer transferring the money and, in the end, being without the property due to the paperwork. Therefore, the profession of realtor is not just about sales, but also about providing advice to those involved in the negotiation.

The problems don’t stop there. Anyone looking for a property likes to have quick information. Here, it may happen that the owner takes a long time to provide answers, which frustrates anyone interested. This would not happen with a good realtor, who is always on hand to help clients.

Owners look for brokers and real estate agents

And it is worth noting that many owners still prefer to demand disclosure and negotiation functions for trained professionals. Even because most of them do not have time to answer questions and receive visits from interested parties.

have differentials

As you have seen, the App do Inmove, like others, have some advantage for customers. Why then not do the same?

While the apps offer convenience and a better price, you can build a closer relationship with the customer. And this point is fundamental when buying and selling a property. To do so, have many service tools to maintain a dynamic conversation with your customers. Never let them down.

And remember: no tool can replace some characteristics that only human relationships can provide.

But don’t limit yourself to sympathy during the service. Go much further. Try to be trained in different subjects, such as decoration and real estate law. By passing on a lot of relevant information to your customers, you gain their trust. Then they will gladly pay your brokerage fee – you bet!

invest in technology

It is important that the realtor does not see technology as an enemy, but rather as a partner. It does not replace your work, but helps organize your routine and, above all, optimize your productivity.

First, knowing that most real estate purchases start on the internet, you should have a real estate website. This is fundamental, but not enough. Try to spread your property ads on specialized portals and social networks. Here, the tools of social integration and portal integration make your work easier.

Finally, in order for you to offer personalized service to your customers, you need to know them in depth. In this sense, it is worthwhile to gather all the information of owners and buyers in a real estate CRM. The tool is able to cross-check customer data with real estate data. So, you can offer the right property to the right person.

If you don’t sit back and leverage technology to your advantage, the real estate profession won’t be as threatened as some people believe. Good Business!


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