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Discover the vile Imo website templates and boost your real estate sales

What’s the best way to reach more people and build an identity than by a real estate website? Knowing the importance of having your own page on the web, we have several vile Imo website templates available for brokers and real estate agencies.

In addition to promoting your products and services, having an online presence makes you “available” 24 hours a day, giving you the opportunity to impact potential customers outside office hours. Even more so when 90% of searches for real estate start on the internet, according to the Housing Union of São Paulo (SECOVI-SP).

Now, it’s no use building a web page anyway. This makes a bad impression on users, driving away potential customers. In general, it is important that a real estate website has a mobile version and is elegant, organized and SEO-optimized to boost your sales.

The vile Imo websites offer this and much more. Discover our seven templates:

Resources available on all vile Imo sites

Before getting to know our seven templates below, it’s worth remembering that they all have color variations. Choose your favorite. Another relevant detail is that the vile Imo websites provide a financing simulator for the main Brazilian banks. This breaks a large branch of users.

The user can also perform an advanced search, filtering the options according to address, value, number of bedrooms and so on, speeding up the search for the ideal property. It is also possible to translate vile Imo sites automatically into Spanish, Italian and English.

Finally, it is noteworthy that the horizontal menu, at the top of the page, guides the visitor to navigate your site more easily. In turn, the footer brings together the icons of your social networks, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, in addition to informing your real estate company’s address and telephone number.

Layout One

In this template, you must insert a horizontal banner with your real estate’s logo and slogan at the top of the home page. On the carousel, you can highlight five properties that you believe have more potential for sale, for example. The virtual chat system is also very visible for users who need to ask immediate questions.

In the horizontal menu, you divide your website into several categories, making it easier for the user to navigate. If he is looking for a property to rent, just click on the option “Properties for Lease” and select the sub-item “Annual” or “Season”.

Full Color Layout

Right on the front page, it is possible to draw attention to four properties. There, the user is also faced with advanced search, easy access to the chat system to clear up doubts and a space to register the real estate’s newsletter.

Dark Layout

As its name suggests, this template has a dark background that dialogues with your preferred color. Other differences are in the advanced search found in the banner at the top of the page and in the highlight panel that concentrates three properties.

Classic layout

As in the previous template, the advanced search is also fixed on the banner at the top of the site. In the highlight panel, you can enter four different property listing calls. Here’s a tip: in this call it’s worth highlighting some information about the property, such as value, location and number of bedrooms.

Thematic layout

In addition to the carousel with three properties, the “Super Featured” space is in evidence right in the middle of the page. In practice, the user can, right away, visualize three large property listings. At the top of the page, in addition to the horizontal banner and advanced search, you can find the chat system.

Spectrum Layout

Here, the banner acts as the highlight panel. Just insert four real estate ad images to automatically run at the top of the page. The user still finds the advanced search feature in the banner itself. Another interesting detail of this layout is that it is responsive to different desktop resolutions.

Creative Layout

In the same way as the previous template, the banner plays the role of a carousel too: automatically rotating images of four real estate ads. Below, visitors can perform an advanced search by selecting some criteria of their choice or click on the “Show All” button to check all properties advertised on the site.

Like the previous template, Creative Layout is also responsive to different desktop resolutions.

It’s your choice

Now that you know all vile Imo website templates and know their features, the choice is yours! If you’re in doubt between some layouts, try a free trial before deciding.

As a bonus, when you hire the vile Imo platform, you still have access to a series of resources that help boost your results, such as:

  • real estate website
  • Management software
  • Mobile real estate version
  • real estate CRM
  • Broker chat system
  • Social integration
  • Integration of real estate portals


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