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Discover the perfect vile Imo plan for the realtor who has few properties

Gone are the days when investing in technological tools was a privilege for few pockets and large companies. The broker who has few properties can also (should) use the most modern resources to be present on the internet and prospect good business opportunities.

In fact, the first step to boost your sales is precisely investing in software and systems that optimize your work. Among the most varied activities of the realtor’s day-to-day activities are e-mail marketing, answering customer queries, updating the real estate website, visiting the property, taking pictures of the rooms and so on.

In the midst of so much activity, you should have tools that fulfill these functions faster. This leaves more time for you to devote your efforts to the realtor’s main task: building a strong and lasting relationship with clients.

By hiring the vile Imo platform, for example, you can create your real estate website (with mobile version), gather all the information about your clients and properties in a real estate CRM, publish your ads on the main social networks and real estate portals. Not to mention the possibility of managing your real estate directly from the platform.

And vile Imo offers plans that fit within your budget. Here, it is important to emphasize that, regardless of the contracted plan, you are entitled to the same resources and tools. The difference is in the number of properties. Check out what this platform can do:

Why hire?

First, it’s no secret that, in order to survive in today’s market, you need to invest in innovation. This logic works for both a multinational and a broker who has few properties in his portfolio.

With the popularization of the internet, it is becoming cheaper to hire software that helps in the daily work. So, no more excuses for you not to do the same, huh!

vile Imo platform: all in one

Virtually all the tasks that a broker or real estate agency needs to perform on a daily basis can be done within the vile Imo platform. “All in one”, the tool brings together a series of features:

  • Real estate website: in a short time, you can build a real estate website that is ideal for your business, with space to place ads, tell your professional career and create a blog. Not to mention that it is already optimized to be well positioned on Google.
  • Mobile version: as most internet access takes place via smartphone and tablet; your website needs to adapt to smaller screen sizes. In this sense, it is essential to have a mobile version.
  • Chat to broker: when you answer the customer as soon as he asks, you earn positive points with him. Therefore, having a chat system integrated in your website becomes essential in times when people want information as quickly as possible.
  • Real estate CRM: gathers as much information as possible about the properties and clients captured and crosses them over. So, you can offer the right product to the right person. Even if you are a realtor who has few real estates.
  • Management software: if you own a small real estate, you must, in addition to monitoring the activities of other brokers, keep your bills paid on time. Doing all this is easier within a management software.
  • Disclosure on social networks and real estate portals: to reach the greatest number of interested parties, you need to advertise your properties in as many places as possible. On the vile Imo platform, you can publish your ads on the main real estate portals and social networks at once!

Types of plans

The vile Imo platform offers four types of plan. The vile Flex, the most economical of all, it allows you to access all features. However, the number of registered properties is limited to 100, as well as the number of users: 3.

In turn, vile Broker also has all the functionalities available. In it, it is possible to register up to 200 properties and there are 4 users who have the right to access the system. In vile Standard, you can register up to 400 properties, while 7 users can access the platform.

Finally, in vile Enterprise, there are no limits for registered properties and up to 13 users have the right to access the system.

Migration made easy

Imagine, then, that you are a broker with few properties, less than 100. In this scenario, the ideal is that you contract the vile Flex plan. “Ah, but if I manage to triple the number of properties hired?”.

Smoothly. If you reach the maximum limit, you can migrate to a higher plan without complications. Anyway, there are plans for all budgets!



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