how to open a real estate company

Discover how to get the legal CRECI and set up your real estate company

The Regional Council of Real Estate Brokers (CRECI) throughout Brazil is responsible for accrediting and supervising the work of brokers and real estate agencies. Illegally exercising the profession – whether an individual or a legal entity – constitutes a crime provided for by law. Therefore, the first step to open a real estate agency is to remove the legal CRECI.

The office that acts without this document will have its activities terminated. To make matters worse, the partners can respond in court for the infraction.

So, if you want to regularize your business and open your own real estate agency, you need to get the legal CRECI.

Current scenario for brokers and real estate agencies

According to the National Federation of Real Estate Brokers (FENACI) the number of brokers has increased by 23.2% since 2013. The data show that, since then, the number of professionals in the area has gone from 284 thousand to 350 thousand professionals. In turn, it is estimated that there are more than 20 thousand registered real estate agencies in the country.

Why take away the legal (and physical) CRECI?

The current law that regularizes the profession of real estate broker has been in force since 1978. Intermediation activities in the purchase, sale, exchange or even lease of real estate are exclusive to professionals and companies duly registered with the CRECI in their region and also with the Federal Council of Brokers of Real Estate (COFECI).

Thus, any legal person or individual operating in this type of market is required to issue a certificate by the COFECI-CRECI System. In addition to not running risks with the courts for illegal activity, removing the legal CRECI transmits more confidence to customers.

Difference between physical and legal CRECI

The difference is simple, but it doesn’t hurt to explain. While the physical CRECI allows a person to practice the profession of self-employed realtor, taking out the legal CRECI allows you to become the owner of your own real estate company.

How to open your real estate agency

First, at least one of the partners must be a real estate broker, that is, a professional accredited by the respective CRECI of their State. This “special” partner will be technically responsible for the activities to be performed in the real estate’s business procedures.

This is because there are very specific rules and resolutions, in addition to complementary normative acts issued by the COFECI-CRECI System, which establishes which documents and requirements must be met for the registration of the legal entity and its performance.

In short, it is the realtor who will be responsible for all acts and activities performed by the real estate agency. To set up a company, you need a social contract and a CNPJ registration. In addition to issuing the legal CRECI, the social contract must be regularly registered with the Commercial Registry, the Federal Revenue Service and the City Hall of your city.


Documentation required to take the legal CRECI

Each region of the country has its CRECI. The ideal is to find out about the fees charged and also about the documentation necessary to obtain your accreditation. In general, these are some essential documents for regularization:

  • Application filled out with the requested information, in addition to the partner responsible and the realtor’s signature;
  • Social contract and contractual amendments;
  • Location permit;
  • Proof of payment of annuity, fees and fees;
  • Proof of CNPJ.

And after opening the real estate agency?

Then, the work of attracting real estate and clients begins. To make your real estate known, you need to invest heavily in digital marketing. The first step is to build a real estate website and, as a result, invest in dissemination on social networks for a segmented audience. This gives visibility to your real estate.

In addition to the marketing issue, the vile Imo platform also helps you in administration. With real estate management software, you have a broad view of your real estate business. It is possible, for example, to control accounts payable and receivable and monitor the performance of partner brokers.

If you want to become a skilled and entrepreneurial professional, do it legally and responsibly. Seek required information and strengthen the brokerage system in Brazil.

Good luck!


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