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Discover 7 copywriting techniques for selling real estate

To get to the sale, the realtor needs to convince his client at different times. It’s a long journey. As the first impression is the one that stays, how about convincing your customers right away? Here, one way is to resort to the copywriting technique for real estate sales.

In objective terms, copywriting means using the right keywords to convey information to your target audience. This technique helps you to qualify your persuasive communication. Ultimately, it helps your customer to make a decision: the purchase, of course!

Check out seven copywriting techniques for selling real estate below and get ahead of the competition:

1) Clarity and objectivity

Together, these two characteristics are worth gold. Both clarity and objectivity help to understand each other between you and your prospective buyer. Using euphemisms or words that are not common in most people’s daily lives hurts more than helps. Therefore, avoid technical terms used only by realtors and other professionals in the field.

Objectivity, in particular, makes the message reach its most important point immediately, saves time. After all, as the saying goes, time is money.

2) Lists and subtitles

In written language, organizing text into topics facilitates understanding and prevents the reader from running away from the content along the way. In copywriting for real estate, each idea can be sub headed or described in list format. Thus, the successful transmission of your message is also guaranteed.

It is important that you put these copywriting techniques at the time of writing the texts on your real estate website. They are also used for producing real estate ads and creating landing pages to capture leads. Here’s a tip: use vile Target, a free marketing automation platform, to create your landing pages quickly and conveniently.

3) Avoid abusing buzzwords

Buzzwords?!? What is that? Do you know those links used to insert keywords in order to generate traffic? So that’s the buzzword. Used in excess, it compromises the conciseness of your text. That way, the reader is unlikely to engage with the content.

4) Invest in micro texts

A powerful strategy you should invest in is small texts. They add many qualities, are clear and objective, and get straight to the point. That way you avoid stuffing sausages!

With a duty to provide quality content, micro texts can effectively impact your conversion.

5) Keeping an eye on the competition

Copywriting is already a well-known technique. Therefore, it is not enough to adopt it, it is necessary to pay attention to the competition brokers and real estate agencies as well. So, you understand what their strategy is.

It is important that you know what style they are using and how they are presenting their products. So, take advantage of what is working and use it to your advantage too.

6) Understand your audience

Knowing your target audience well will definitely contribute a lot to your copywriting. Knowing how he expresses himself and what kind of language he likes most provides an excellent opportunity to know what the right words should be used.

You still need to know exactly what your ideal persona is, why they make up your audience and what makes them buy from you. That way, it’s easier to know what they want to read. Here, it is essential to use your real estate CRM to trace the common characteristics of your customers.

7) Test, review and optimize

However, the work doesn’t end when the copywriting is done. You need to take care of the appearance, sizes, positions and fonts that best suit the persona that has been defined. Conduct metrics to ensure the outcome is effective and review what isn’t working. This process is essential in optimizing your copywriting.

Having the sensitivity to do a good copywriting is something for few people. Which doesn’t mean you can’t get a perfect job done. It is possible to learn to make the best use of words and be very persuasive. Don’t just stay on the presentation of your work, offer the opportunity to acquire the necessary solution. And it is you who must help the customer to find out what he needs.

Use these copywriting techniques for real estate sales and good luck!



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