best apps for real estate agents 2018

Discover 5 applications to organize the realtor’s routine

Visit properties with clients, take note of emails and contact telephone numbers, carry out marketing strategies, capture new units and get informed. The realtor’s routine is fraught with obligations. And, let’s face it: the more the better. That means your business is doing well.

However, if you don’t have a good organization, all your effort will end up going down the drain. It is necessary to do the job and, in times of mobility, the paper schedule no longer makes sense. Thanks to advances in technology, it is now possible to gather all information and appointment records in the palm of your hand, on smartphones.

And there is no shortage of applications that help organize the realtor’s routine. Here are six that you can download to your cell phone to get organized:

Evernote: smart and organized work

Well-known application, Evernote is a handy tool for anyone working in the real estate market. It allows for the creation of notes that can be sorted into notebooks by name, such as “stakeholders” or “stakeholders in apartment”.

You can also add links, tables, audio recordings and other attachments to notes. With versions for IOS, Android and desktop, Evernote organizes the broker’s routine, optimizing their work.

Cam Card: hundreds of business cards in one place

Cam Card, in turn, seems to have been created for those who are constantly closing deals. For example, how many business cards should you have already received after meeting some professional partners? In the end, the cards can end up being thrown in different corners or piled up somewhere, right?

But with Cam Card you can take pictures of your business card and save your contacts on your smartphone. The free version allows up to 200 cards to be saved. If you want more, you have to pay.

Google Calendar: Online Records for Business

Users with a Gmail account already have at their disposal an efficient appointment organizer, Google Calendar. In addition to registering and being integrated with Gmail, it issues alerts and shows the days and times that are still free.

Synchronization between computer and cell phone is automatic, which also makes it much easier. The chances of you missing an appointment are minimal.

Trello: your tasks are never stopped

Trello is another application that helps organize the realtor’s routine, especially if he works in partnership with other professionals. In general, the tool organizes all activities in tables so that the professional can easily see which stage of the process a service is at.

In it, you can divide your activities into “Real estate capture”, “Advertising”, “Visits” and “After-sales”, for example. So, you don’t forget to do any tasks in your daily routine.

vile Imo: all-in-one tool

In addition to creating real estate websites, vile Imo brings together a series of resources that help organize the realtor’s routine. Among them, we can highlight the real estate CRM that concentrates the maximum amount of real estate and customer information and, in addition, crosses the data.

We cannot forget, also, the Management Software. In it, you can consult accounts payable and receivable, thus organizing not only your routine but also your financial planning.

In real estate, as in all areas of business, organization is essential. Don’t compromise your results by not being able to manage your tasks. However, it is not just about organizing your professional routine, but your personal routine as well.


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