Differentiated Realtor: Learn More About Decor

In the midst of the housing boom, many people left their careers to become realtors. Then came the crisis and, with it, only dedicated professionals remained. To become a differentiated realtor, it is important to acquire a lot of new knowledge. Learning the basics of interior decoration is already a differential to stand out.

This tip is even good for those who want to start in the real estate market. Knowing the technical details of the trade is a basic prerequisite. However, reading about related subjects, such as interior decoration, adds value to your service and expands your notions of use of spaces in properties.

The decorated units of real estate on the floor plan are there to prove how important it is to help the client to imagine what their possible future real estate might look like. Now, if the property is used, it is necessary to use other tactics. So, follow some decorating tips. Then, delve into the theme and become a different realtor:

Differentiated Realtor Has Information and Uses Imagination

Be available to help your client make the type of property they want a reality. During the chat, find out what his favorite style is – rustic, classic, clean or modern.

From there, start exploring details related to that model. A brick wall, for example, caters to a more rustic taste. Oh, and don’t forget to gather this information into your real estate CRM. So, you don’t forget any details about your customer.

When the available location isn’t quite ready for the shopper’s taste, suggest adaptations. Magazines and specialized websites can be a source of inspiration. Suddenly, you find tips even for you.

Natural lighting

In times of energy savings and healthy and more sustainable living, the use of natural lighting is of particular importance. Something that goes beyond the aesthetic issue. Advantages of naturally lit rooms need to be highlighted, as it values ​​colors.

For environments not favored by sunlight, the tip is to suggest a cozier decoration, such as a TV room to relax. Try creating images with sofas, pillows and ottomans. Stimulate your customer’s imagination if he or she is open to the option.

A little green to cheer up

The natural touch can also be given with the use of plants. They decorate and change the atmosphere of the environment for the better. The variety of options of this type is enormous, ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive, depending on the buyer’s interest.

The plant can occupy a shady, light or dimly lit space. There are even those that require less care and fulfill their function well. Even those who live in apartments have the option of creating a vertical garden.

Differentiated Realtor Has Sense of Dimension

Knowing how to compose a room according to the dimensions of the environment has a very valuable practical importance.

Tips in this regard facilitate the client’s day-to-day in their new home. And the rule is simple: small walls cannot accommodate large furniture. This makes it difficult to move around the room, which must be preserved.

In these cases, small and versatile furniture is the best option. The ideal measure to ensure good mobility on site is 95 cm of space between the furniture.

Tech help

In times where we live constantly connected, technology could not fail to make its contribution to help decorate real estate. It even has a paint brand that offers an application to help you know how the wall is painted with a certain color.

There are also alternatives that show the floor plan of the house. Then you have everything ready before the visit. With a good look at your smartphone’s app store, the broker can find a satisfying option.

Finally, don’t forget to share your talent. When decorating a house, take a lot of pictures to post on your real estate website. Thus, you show everyone that decoration is another service you provide.

There are many other decorating tips that the distinguished realtor can use. Therefore, it is necessary to be updated frequently.

Contributing to this customer planning process is exciting. It makes the dream of a new home closer to reality and strengthens the creation of emotional bonds. With so much benefit, there is little chance that your negotiation will not end in a sale.


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