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COFECI rules for realtors at the time of disclosure

FECI (Federal Council of Real Estate Brokers) determined a series of standards for professionals at the time of disclosure. COFECI rules for realtors apply to all public advertising exhibitions: real estate website, social media, business cards, real estate signs and so on.

It is also worth noting that the disclosure rules are for professionals who work both as individuals and companies. Not to mention that owners also have to comply with certain rules when disclosing their property.

Next, check out the COFECI rules for realtors and see the importance of promoting your properties in different channels.

COFECI Disclosure Rules for Individual Realtors

First, it is important to make it clear that the self-employed broker can only use a publicly traded name if he registers as an entrepreneur in the public registry of commercial companies (Junta Commercial). In fact, the use of a logo in publications is only allowed, as long as it is not used as a trade name.

Professionals duly registered as natural persons must, obligatorily, use the expressions “real estate agent” or “liberal professional”. The use of other terms such as “real estate manager” and “real estate consultant” is optional.

In all advertising channels, the broker’s name must appear in full or abbreviated form. No pseudonyms or nicknames, huh! The CRECI number is also mandatory on advertising materials. Attention: the acronym CRECI must appear followed by the corresponding registration number and the letter “F” (for individuals).

Finally, there is no restriction for adding the following information: telephone number, email, address, hours of operation. In fact, it’s very important that they show up.

COFECI Disclosure Rules for Legal Entities Realtors

For those who have already taken the legal CRECI legally, the rules are a little different. For example, for this group, the public use of the name, corporate name or fantasy name is allowed, as well as the use of any logo in the promotions.

As for the appearance of the CRECI number, it is also mandatory. However, here, the acronym CRECI must appear followed by the corresponding registration number and the letter “J” (for legal entity).

COFECI Disclosure Rules for Owners

Any owner has the right to disclose the property itself for sale or lease, with an important reservation.

So that there is no characterization of illegal exercise of the profession or cause doubt to interested parties, the owner of the property must include in the advertising disclosures his name and the expressions “dealing with the owner”, “directly with the owner” or similar, and may include name, telephone, address, etc.

Importance of dissemination in various channels

According to Segovia-SP, 90% of searches for real estate start on the internet. In practice, this means that, to gain visibility, your real estate listings need to be in the online world.

But that’s not enough. To get users’ attention, try to highlight them with relevant images, videos and information. And put all your contacts in evidence, of course, following the COFECI rules for realtors.

And don’t stop investing in offline advertising too. Many people are still impacted by real estate signs when walking the streets. Here, it’s interesting that you invest in technology in them. Just insert QR Code on the real estate signs.

In fact, vile mob customers know that the platform also generates, simply and quickly, a QR Code to be placed on the signs.

Save time by expanding your outreach

It’s no secret the power of social media reach. In this sense, it is interesting to publish your real estate ads on the main platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

In order not to waste time on this task, the solution is to use the social integration tool. In a few clicks, you spread your offers on the main social networks.

Here, there could be no lack of disclosures on specialized sites, right? With the portal integration tool, your property listings are available on the largest real estate portals in the country, such as Portal Viv areal, OLX and Zap iMovie’s.

By following the COFECI rules for realtors and working with technology, you have everything to succeed. Good sales!


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