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Check out our tips to sell property fast and get ahead!

Selling a single property takes a lot of time and effort. After all, it is a complex process that involves a lot of money, dreams and a great deal of bureaucracy. In this sense, which broker would not like to have tips to sell property fast?

Helping the professional to make a quick sale is our objective here. Of course, you can’t circumvent the legal issue, but the path to delight and convince the potential client to close a deal can be shortened. See below for tips to sell property fast:

Practice a realistic price

Being short and blunt: don’t overvalue the property. Otherwise, the property will be for sale longer than necessary. Therefore, set a realistic and competitive price together with the owner.

In order not to make a mistake when setting the property’s value, it is important that you survey the prices charged by other properties in the region. In addition, try to be aware of other factors that can impact – both positively and negatively – on the price of the property. Good condition of the property, recent renovation and easy access to public transport, for example, help to increase the value of the property.

be transparent

As much as the owner puts pressure on you to sell the property quickly, it’s important not to get into his pile. In other words, it’s not good to make up stories to close the deal as soon as possible. This compromises your reputation in the real estate market.

Here, transparency must be a key word during the service. If there is any problem in the property, such as a leak in the bathroom, make this detail clear to the potential buyer. In fact, it is always worth doing a good inspection of the site before starting to publicize it.

Careful description and photos

Make sure that the first information the potential customer will have about your property is the description and photo of the location. Based on this information, he will decide whether to visit you or not.

In this sense, it is necessary to perfect the advertisements of real estate. This includes having simple, catchy and relevant text. Also, insert quality photos, that is, with good resolution and lighting.

Use and abuse the internet to spread the word

The math is simple: the more people who see your ads, the better your chances of selling your property faster. Following this reasoning, use the internet to your advantage. Take advantage of the fact that millions of Brazilians are on social networks to advertise their property on them.

Here, in order not to waste too much time on this task, count on the help of a social integration tool. This way, you advertise your properties to the main social networks at once.

Another channel that impacts many people is the real estate portals. In them, you reach people who are more likely to buy real estate. Once again, the vile Imo platform is here to help you. With the real estate portals integration tool, you can make your properties in evidence on major websites, such as Portal Viv areal, ZAP iMovie’s, OLX, among others.

Capture qualified leads

Now, let’s agree that it’s not enough to attract millions of people to your ads if they don’t show interest in buying the property on offer. Here, the need arises to do a job of capturing qualified leads. In practice, this means getting data from users who somehow show interest in your ad.

One way to do this is to create a capture page, where the user leaves their data, such as email and phone, to receive more information about your ad. With vile Target’s marketing automation tool , you can create this capture page simply and quickly. And best of all, it’s free!

After collecting the information, you can still schedule and send emails about your new property list to this contact base. By communicating the right product to the right people, you don’t waste as much time or energy closing a deal.

Sell ​​experiences and maximize property value

One more tip to sell property fast is in customer service. It is essential that you surprise and delight customers, especially during the visit. Therefore, try to face this sale as the biggest challenge of your career.

During the real estate visit, some details cannot go unnoticed: the environment must be organized, clean and well lit. Anyway, the property needs to be welcoming to those interested in buying it. If the property is still occupied by the owner, let him know in advance when visiting with interested parties to avoid a mess.

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