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Black Friday in the real estate market: check out actions for you to be inspired

When you hear about Black Friday, you immediately think of aggressive discounts on products from physical and online stores, right? So much so that, according to a Google survey, 68% of consumers intend to buy something on “Black Friday”. But who says you can’t take advantage of Black Friday in real estate?

This does not mean, of course, giving 60% off a property. Even because homeowners and builders are crazy to accept it. But offering flexibility in payment here and a few freebies there can be an alternative for you to take advantage of Black Friday in the real estate market. By the way, many real estate companies already do actions on that date.

So that you know how to take advantage of this opportunity, let’s give some tips and reasons for you to be inspired to create specific actions for this moment. Check out.

Most favorable economic moment

First, it is important to highlight the current scenario of economic recovery in Brazil. It should be taken into account on Black Friday 2017.

In the first half, the country’s GDP grew 2.5%, while the basic interest rate reached the historic level of 7.5%. In turn, the IPCA, which measures inflation, is among the lowest indices since the 2nd half of 2014.

With favorable indicators, the client can feel safer and more likely to invest in a new property. It’s even worth consulting your real estate CRM to identify those customers who have been looking for a property to buy for a long time. Talk to them and tell them this is the right time!

When Black Friday started in the real estate market

Black Friday is a commercial date that was born in the USA. It’s the Friday after Thanksgiving, when stores give big discounts to people buying Christmas presents.

Black Friday arrived in Brazil in 2010. Two years later, it was possible to see Black Friday in the real estate market, when large construction companies took the opportunity to participate in the event. A good opportunity to organize 13th promotions, for example. To extend the offer time, there was even the creation of some “Black Weeks”.

Black Friday in real estate: go beyond Friday

It is also necessary to consider a particularity of Black Friday in the real estate market. No customer buys a property in just one day. Here, there are no impulse purchases. There is a need to visit the property (even more than once!), negotiate the payment terms, arrange for a loan , if applicable, and so on.

Therefore, companies in the real estate segment that join this event need to go beyond Friday. Buyers need to be given more time to think and decide. Many real estate companies establish the entire month of November to put their actions into practice.

A discount amount that is feasible

When offering discounts, it is very important to establish your negotiating margins with all interested parties. Brokers, real estate agents and the owner need to be aligned on pricing. Only then, the value offered can become viable, reducing any chance of disappointing the customer after the start of negotiations. The important thing is not to deceive the customer.

If it is not possible to apply a discount on the value of the property, you can follow other paths. How about giving away kitchen utensils? In addition to being friendly, it is useful in everyday life. Or even offer more flexibility when paying. These strategies encourage the buyer to close the deal.

Focus on disclosure

A special date like Black Friday naturally requires special disclosure. The focus on closing deals needs to be differentiated, after all the discounts offered have this objective: to complete the sale in a shorter period of time.

Here, you can create a specific hot site for the offers, reinforce your promotion on social networks and, finally, send reminders by email to your contact base. To accomplish so many tasks, you can resort to the vile Target tool.

It provides an intuitive hot site builder, schedules your posts on social media and triggers email marketing. Anyway, you just have to worry about customer service.

With creativity and encouragement, real estate agencies and brokers are able to adapt this typically North American event to the profile of Brazilians and the real estate market. Therefore, you only have to gain by investing in this date that already has everything to remain in our calendar.

Good sales!


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