5 Ways To Reactivate Old Clients In Real Estate

5 Ways To Reactivate Old Clients In Real Estate

Online marketing serves to attract new customers and also to reactivate old buyers. Keeping the database updated is a vital tool to be able to convert and sell more.

In this post we will talk about how to make users who interacted with us at some point fall in love again, even those who only registered and never bought a flat or just scheduled a visit.

The key is to segment your database, that is, divide your audience according to their needs and attack them with the right message for each sector of your audience. You must also send different mailings depending on the time they have been inactive, it is not the same 1 month, 3, 6 months or 1 year.

In real estate sector Tajarat properties, it may seem like it is a one-time purchase market, but it is not. Since an investor may want to buy another property again or a future owner may have paused his purchase process for a few months.

How do I sell to an old customer? First, regain their trust

Like an old friend you haven’t seen for a long time, you can’t get back into the relationship by asking for the DVD you left him back. First you have a coffee, you go to dinner and you remember old times. If you want to regain their trust, start by offering them an incentive, a gift, a new free tool. In short, do not try to sell in the first mail.

Tools to reactivate an old customer

There are several ways to reconnect with old clients, the following 5 are the most used:

  • Sending personalized Newsletters
  • Real estate call center
  • Open door session and networking
  • Specific promotions
  • Don’t stop learning with your team
  • Newsletter to reactivate contact

To regain their attention and trust, you can send a respectful and eye-catching newsletter where you update them on your business. Make it clear to him the benefits to him of resuming communication with you.

It is essential to customize your newsletter to the maximum and to achieve this you must segment your audience, thus sending the message you want to the appropriate group of people.

The classic division is by geographical area where you wanted to buy the apartment, by history of other buildings consulted, by phases of the sales funnel where it left … and the rest is imagination and above all, knowing your clients, knowing what they want.

What if he left angry? Did you leave the sale negotiation with a door slam? In such a case, you must send a humble and sincere message, explain your version and that you are here to resolve conflicts, apologize.

Reactivation campaign with real estate Call center

Another way to get closer is with a call, which can be made from a call center , where you make it clear that you only want to say hello and present your new features, always from a non-sale intention on the first contact.

The objective of the call is to attract their attention again , so that the user sees the benefit of returning. You can also take advantage of the contact to get to know the user better, his reason for leaving, if he is still interested in the real estate market, a less busy time to call him, in short, to resume a relationship with an old friend.

Open doors or networking

A good option to regain face-to-face contact with former clients is to organize an open house where you are not the center of attention.

Being a company that serves as an intermediary and that gives rise to discussions about your sector or to make contacts is highly valued. Ideal for companies that act in Real Estate B2B, turning your session into a meeting point between professionals.

Specific promotions

Another way to reach inactive customers is through specific bonuses . Be it specific discounts, promotions, or even a gift within the service. Using the database, the offer can be applied to the product that the customer left halfway through the purchase process or a discount on the service to which he was subscribed.

You can even take advantage of the fact that you already have your registered data to create personalized newsletters by resuming the process of searching for the apartment to live in.

Don’t stop learning with your team

If a user left for any reason, you should listen to them and try to solve their problem. Many times these problems do not come from a specific department, such as customer service or sales. Ask and learn what problems they face.

In marketing, for example, if a Newsletter is not effective, it completely changes the content and the message. Renew all emails and messages that give bad results, test with bags of inactive customers.

Do you want to reactivate old clients in your database? Have you been successful? Customize all your newsletters to convert more. Have you tried a specific promotion? Or a call? If you found this post interesting, don’t forget to share it.

Homestaging To Be Successful In The Sale Or Rental Of The Home

What is homestaging?

Homestaging means “house staged”. It is based on preparing the home without major reforms to boost the value of the property and thus reduce the sale or rental time considerably.

This is a marketing method that originated in the US in the 70s, reached Europe in the 90s and is currently a marketing tactic for the real estate sector blue world city Islamabad hat is working very well in the market.

What does it consist of?

The homestaging is to clear a space, organize it, light it and clean it and fix a minimum if necessary, to highlight the strengths and minimize the weaknesses.

As we mentioned, it is based on being able to renovate a space without major reforms to show its maximum potential and make it more attractive with a minimum investment. It’s not just about decorating, but about making it appear larger and brighter, as well as making it appear warmer.

What is the OBJETIVE?

As we know, the first impression is very important, and more if it is about buying or renting a house. Therefore, the goal of homestaging is to attract the attention of potential tenants through emotions.

Buying or renting a home is a process of “thoughtful buying”, this means that the decision is made after a long period of reflection because it involves a considerable expense.

Why is it advisable?

The homestaging is very important to consider both a physical visit to a digital platform because it is increasingly common for the first contact of the user is via the Internet. Without forgetting the paper catalogues, which are also still used, although to a lesser extent.

For this reason, it is very important to remember that the better the space is presented, the more customers we will reach and, therefore, the more possibilities will occur to obtain purchase or rental conversions.

With the homestaging is intended to neutralize the styles, depersonalize the maximum anything that Remind another family (if it is a property of “second hand”) and, above all, clear all areas to be displayed all the potential of the spaces. This marketing strategy is based on making the home attractive and warm for the potential client.

This is done in this way, because if we see an area overloaded with furniture and personal objects, we tend to judge the style of what we see instead of perceiving its architecture.

What methods are used in homestaging?

In order to boost the value of the property, reach the greatest number of possible tenants and thus achieve a considerable reduction in the time of sale or rental, it is achieved through the marketing techniques of homestaging.

The keys to this methodology are the following:

  • Depersonalize and organize the space. This is carried out to ensure that any user can imagine living in that home.
  • It is intended to recreate a warm, comfortable and attractive environment.
  • Capture the attention of users by adding elements of non-strident colors and neutral styles in the design of the spaces.

It is better to simplify. This implies compensating the spaces, without overloading them with objects that reduce visibility or that congest them considerably. This is achieved by adding, depending on the type of room, textiles such as curtains, sheets, etc. and little ornate furniture.

For both digital platforms and paper catalogs, it is very important to take care of the quality of the photographic report to capture the strengths of the home in question.

What’s the score?

The homestaging is used to help the user visualize living spaces, without having to imagine as if they would share were empty. In addition, homes presented in this way arouse greater interest.

With this marketing practice, it is not intended to deceive the buyer, but to extract the maximum possible potential to attract more potential tenants. In addition, with homestaging, cuts in negotiation are reduced or the price of housing can even be increased.


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