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5 Amazing Tips to Boost Your Real Estate Blog

In addition to maintaining a real estate website, anyone working in the real estate market has a lot to gain from using a real estate blog. With a virtual diary, you can provide your target audience with differentiated content, specialized information and maintain a stronger relationship with your customer.

In this way, the blog brings authority to the broker or real estate agent. And becoming a reference in the subject within an increasingly competitive market is a great quality to stand out and differentiate from the competition.

But creating a real estate blog requires some organization. You can’t go out doing it anyway. Content production, as well as the creation of the blog design, needs to be well thought out to ensure its efficiency. With that in mind, we’ve created 5 amazing tips to boost your real estate blog.

Take the opportunity to plan, if you haven’t created yours yet.

What should your investment be?

To start a blog, you need time. After all, a blog that doesn’t have frequent posts doesn’t leverage. Therefore, if the broker does not have time to dedicate, the option is to outsource the service to a professional. The investment value can be between R$ 30.00 and R$ 50.00 per post.

Another possibility is to hire a “full time” professional. Think carefully about what suits you best, because the conventional is to have daily posts (1 a day, 5 days a week). The cost is not much more than what the professional should invest. To use your real estate blog for free, you have many credible platforms at your disposal.

There are also affordable options like WordPress. As a last resort, you may need some one-off help from someone who understands design.

Well-crafted images and design

The design and also the image contribute a lot to the success of your real estate blog. They must give the visitor the first impression and impact to convince him to stay on the page.

If the template chosen for your real estate blog, for example, offers tools to customize it, the better. Gives an impression of unique personality. It is also necessary to think about an appearance that makes your blog responsive – it can be read on smartphones and tablets, in addition to the conventional computer.

The blog needs to have a clean look, so that information can be found quickly, the colors need to be easy to read and match the company’s colors at the same time. As far as images (photos and videos) are concerned, it’s good to look after the good quality and high resolution. Here, a tip is to resort to free image banks.

Invest in SEO

As for the content, here’s a very important tip. Your real estate blog needs to invest in SEO techniques. Search Engine Optimization brings a set of best practices that help your page to be better positioned on internet search sites. Among them is the use of keywords familiar to your target audience.

By the way, these terms need to be in the most important titles as well. A responsive design and a friendly URL also contribute to this. Anyone who has a professional to help create the blog doesn’t have to worry too much about it. Still, it’s a good idea to ensure that you’re found first than your competition in Google’s search results.

Use content marketing

Choosing the content for your blog requires particular care. It is not enough to talk about apartments, houses, sales and rental information. To connect with your target audience, it’s important to go further, thinking that there are people with a newly acquired property or other realtors who should also read what you’re posting.

Therefore, address themes related to decoration, tips for everyday life, the evolution of the real estate market and even testimonials from satisfied customers. Be a source of information specialized in the subject. When in doubt, find out what your customers would like you to post.

Promote your real estate blog

Despite applying all the techniques to leverage your real estate blog, it needs to be publicized. At these times, social networks are a must-have option. For each new post, you must promote it on your social profiles.

But you can (should) also use other strategies, such as sending out weekly email marketing. Here, it is interesting to select three new contents from your blog and invite your contact base to visit your real estate blog.

To avoid wasting time firing your email marketing campaign one by one, use a trigger tool such as vile Target. In addition to scheduling the triggering of emails, the platform offers a number of important features: scheduling posts on social networks, segmenting your contact base and creating landing pages.

Despite so many details, creating a real estate blog is not difficult. Your domain in the subject should help a lot at this time. Dedicate yourself a lot, because this digital marketing strategy is very worthwhile.


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