Who we are

Reclaim Detroit was founded in 2011. It was developed as a part of EcoWorks (formerly known as WARM Training Center) centers deconstruction efforts and was kickstarted by job training through Detroit GreenWorks Solutions job training collaborative which includes Southwest Solutions, EcoWorks, Henry Ford Community CollegeThe Greening of Detroit and the Detroit Department of Workforce Development.


Reclaim Detroit’s primary focus is to divert as much material from Detroit’s 78,000 vacant structures from landfills as possible and will do so by using a process called Deconstruction. The City of Detroit is currently taking down those structures at a rate of 3000 houses a year and is planning on taking down 10000 structures by the end of Mayor Bing’s Term in the end of 2013. Reclaim Detroit is looking to change minds on Deconstruction in Detroit. Currently materials are stored at its focus hope training facility and reclaimed wood is available for sale.

Don’t Demolish, DECONSTRUCT!

By deconstructing homes instead of demolishing them, metropolitan Detroit municipalities, homeowners and communities all benefit from the positive results.


Deconstruction is the process of systematically dismantling a structure with the intent to recover the maximum amount of materials for the highest and best re-use. Deconstruction crews work for homeowners, contractors, local governments, and other property owners to provide environmentally friendly, cost-effective removal of building components and complete structures, both residential and commercial.


Deconstruction offers many benefits over standard demolition and while the process is different the end result is the same, leaving a clean, vacant site ready for development.  Some of the numerous benefits are listed below:

°          Promotes Community and Environmental Health

°          Creates more jobs

°          Offers opportunities for small businesses to emerge

°          Diverts materials from landfills for recycling and reuse

°          Preserves Cultural, Historic and Architectural Heritage

°          Enhances Local Economies

°          Provides Training in skilled trades

°          Drives Innovation in new building materials

°          Is a stepping stone to construction related careers

°          Is Profitable and Economically sustainable

°          Captures an underserved market segment in recycling and building material reuse

°          Is in High Demand Nationally…and GROWING

°          Is exportable in materials, training and services

°          Is inherently sustainable; meeting the Triple Bottom Lines of sustainability (Economic, Environmental & Social)

°          Provides high growth opportunities

°          Offers new opportunities for new businesses

Additionally, by choosing deconstruction the Fair Market Value of the building materials donated is eligible for a tax deduction!

A triple win for DECONSTRUCTION!

So not only can cost savings be realized, either through the sale of valuable building materials or through tax deductions, but the environment will be saved by diverting materials from landfills and reducing the need for virgin materials, and our local economy can be saved through job creation and small business growth.

  1. Brandon Riordan says:

    I’ve bought some reclaimed lumber from this group and the experience greatly exceeded expectations. The material was fully denailed, sanded and cut to specification. This was a pleasant surprise vs other reclaimed lumber suppliers I’ve used before. Great organization. We need you to succeed.

  2. Miranda Thompson says:

    I visited the Focus Hope warehouse on Oakman this past weekend and was beyond impressed with my experience. The work that Reclaim is doing to maintain the history and integrity of the wood is phenomenal. I will definiteley recommend this place to anyone I know that is looking for reclaimed wood, and I hope they will continue to grow and succeed throughout southeastern Michigan.

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  4. […] years ago, Reclaim Detroit started with a simple idea – to put together two previously unused resources: untapped labor […]

  5. AnneMarie schaut says:

    You can take this girl out of Detroit but you can’t take Detroit out of this girl. I spent the first 25 years of my life in a beautiful turn of the century home in highland park. I love, love what you are doing to reclaim these outstanding building materials. How can I find out the price of reclaimed flooring? I would love to bring the “D” to my yooper home.
    Thank you!

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