New Product!! Just in time for those spring flowers

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Stuff We Found and you can buy it

Light fixture that was original to the house – est. 1915. Found in a home on Ferry St. in Detroit.

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Stuff We've Found and you can buy it...

Not sure what this is but someone’s sure to take her home:)

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Our wish list…Remember donations are tax deductible!! If you would be willing to donate anyone of these call 313-400-0937.


• Forklifts
• Telescoping Forklift
• Boom Truck
• Cube Van
• Passenger Van
• Flat Bed
• Dumpster Truck
• Excavator
• Skid-steer
Power Tools
• Reciprocating Saws
• Cordless impact and drill drivers
• Chain Saw
• Pneumatic Denailers
• Routers
Hand Tools and Personal Protective Equipment
• Pry bars and demo bars of all sorts
• Steel toed boots, safety glasses

To make a donation call 313-494-4736313-494-4736.


•          Deconstruction is the efficient disassembly of structures with an eye towards reuse.  Deconstruction can be strategically applied to compliment blight removal efforts in an environmentally sensitive way while creating jobs and greatly increasing economic activity in Detroit. 

•          Deconstruction creates 6 jobs to every 1 demolition job with a starting wage of over $12.00.

•          Starting with wages paid to deconstruction workers, to bulk lumber sales, to material processors preparing lumber for the mill, to mill workers preparing wood for an order, to the carpenter and craftspeople installing the wood in its new home.  These economic multipliers are invaluable. Deconstructing 1 home would generate 5x the money spent in economic activity – 5x more powerful than if that home was thrown in the landfill.

•          Reclaim Detroit has saved 50,000 tons of materials from going into landfills.

 Not every blighted structure is suitable for Deconstruction.  We cannot deconstruct those that are fire damaged or those that have suffered prolonged exposure to the elements.


In 2011, EcoWorks began incubating a social enterprise focused on deconstruction called Reclaim Detroit. As a social enterprise, Reclaim Detroit embraces a triple bottom line theory; economically sustaining, environmentally conscious and socially redeeming.

Issac, (call him Ike, all his friends do) was the subject of our recent Weekend Edition Sunday piece. He is a graduate of our training program.  Job training has always been at the root of EcoWorks’ mission.  We plan to always train folks for positions in the green economy.  EcoWorks is the Weatherization Training Center for the State of Michigan.  We also train folks in deconstruction.  What’s most notable is that jobs in the green job sector start at over $12.00 per hour… these are not minimum wage jobs. In 2013 we paid out over $423,000 in wages to Detroiters. Soon we plan to start training those interested in Healthy Homes and we are very excited about that.  Our training consists of entry level courses and up-skilling for professionals.

Ike worked hard to become a site supervisor. Determination and a new found passion for sustainability got him through the program.  He is a mentor to younger men coming into the program and we are proud that he works for us.  Everyday he comes in with this award winning smile, enough to cheer anyone up on a Monday morning. Support Reclaim Detroit and EcoWorks!  In doing so you are helping us to find the next batch of Ikes!!



The reaction to our NPR story has been terrific! Welcome to all our new friends. Folks are excited and are asking how to contact us.

For any questions about custom projects, what we have in stock or just general questions call 313-494-4736. To shop for Reclaim Detroit custom made items, visit our store

If your in the area, you can always to stop by from 9am to 4pm Mon-Fri and Saturdays, by appointment only. The warehouse is on the Focus: Hope campus at 1200 Oakman Blvd. Building C Detroit.

Check out this custom table built for O’Brien Construction…


Weekend Edition Sunday

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As your springing forward Sunday morning, don’t forget to tune into Weekend Edition Sunday at 9am on your local NPR station to hear Rachel Martin’s Reclaim Detroit story.


Wondering what we’ve been up to?

We are working hard to make sure that deconstruction is a part of the efforts to remove blight. We have made a presentation to the Blight Task Force and have submitted a proposal to be on the deconstruction contractors list with the Detroit Land Bank. You can help! Spread the word and speak passionately about Reclaim Detroit. Come visit our warehouse and purchase one of our products.

Deconstructing 7,000 homes (that’s only 10% of estimates) would generate $458,000,000 in economic activity – 4x more powerful than if those homes were thrown in the landfill.